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COMING SOON: Weekly Hour-Long Broadcasts Exploring Secular and Non-Secular Orthodoxy by Journeying Through Consciousness, Cognitive Awareness, Creativity, Dreams, Archetypes, Music, Social Engineering, Mind Control and Psychology.


Are Hardcore Skeptics and Debunkers at Risk of Becoming Schizophrenic?


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"I have no idea if there is a god or not. But if he did exist, I would guess he would prefer a biography that was somewhat more flattering than the Bible. It reads like the script to a bad snuff movie. No wonder he is hiding and no one can find him."

"Someone the other day asked me - as an author - who was my first literary influence growing up, I always reply "Neil Peart from Rush". He showed me how to take complex and challenging ideas and convey them into a language everyone can understand, but without patronising the reader."

"It is more healthy to measure the course of your life according to personal shifts in consciousness rather than in biological timespan. If you are the same person you were a decade ago - then you are playing the game the wrong way."

"Spiritual growth and understanding is a worthy exploration of ones personal identity. Once you keep it personal and don't shove it in anyone else's face, nor expect them to join you."


"Creativity and scientific discovery is really about pro-actively building human evolution - you want to destroy human evolution - you destroy the ability to create, imagine and seek understanding. I am against fundamentalism of any kind. You are reading these words because at some point in the past someone told a religious control freak to politely mind his own business."
"Do your own research and stop following Gurus. Begin by questioning everything including all I have said or written. Being cynical is the ultimate revolutionary act. If anyone tells you they have all the answers, run away from them."
 "Humans built the pyramids not aliens. So be proud of it." 

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