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The New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex

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The Psychopathic Control Grid especially hates it when Europeans start discovering their roots. It has now reached the stage where more people of European ancestry are looking towards imaginary aliens and space fairies in other galaxies than even considering incorporating the rich pre-Christian heritage and spirituality of their real, living Teuton, Viking, Gael, Anglo-Saxon, Goth, Celtic and Slavic ancestors into their own lives.



No Peace from the Professional Victim

''It's good common sense to know how to deal with these people without being emotional, without being over-judgemental and without being paranoid.''

''This (psychopathology) is like a malignant conduit that runs from the bottom of the society to the top and if we can cut off one part of that we can cut off the complete supply system.''

''Popular culture is and has always been a top down development. It's has been an engineered process to normalise psychopathology.'' - Thomas Sheridan



We Prefer Being Spiritual and Serious...


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Having a sense of humour in the alternative community is seen as a personality disorder. MORE>>>

Jesus = A Roman Propaganda Device?



Thomas Sheridan's Interview with Joseph Atwill and Ryan Gilmore HERE>>>

Independent scholar Joseph Atwill, author of "Caesar's Messiah: the Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus" spent his youth in a Jesuit military academy where most of his school days were spent studying Greek, Latin, and the Bible.  Later in life he became an avid chess player with more than 100 victories over Grandmasters and International Masters.  It was this background of Biblical knowledge and analytical skill that allowed him to recognise the New Testament as puzzle literature, which when solved reveals that the Flavian Dynasty in Rome (69-96 AD) proudly confessed to creating Christianity.  His methods of literary analysis has taken Biblical scholarship in a whole new direction.

Ryan Gilmore, who is holding a conference this October that will introduce Joe's theories to the UK public, is a Canadian Graphic Designer who lives and works in London.  His attraction to neglected and suppressed truths has led him to study the fringes of many topics, one being the origins of Christianity.

Both Joe and Ryan view Christianity, despite having many appealing and positive attributes, as ultimately a damaging form of mind control that stunts moral and intellectual growth.  The spell it has cast on Western culture continues to make people very susceptible to government propaganda and the psychopathic control grid.

Join Joe and Ryan in London on the 19th October 2013 at Conway Hall for a one-day symposium  that will explore Christianity as a case study in government mind control.  Understanding the ancient techniques of the Caesars gives insight into the modern techniques used by public relations firms today, weaponising the public imagination  to create unending stealth class war.  


Joe and Ryan will be joined on the 19th of October by Kenneth Humphreys, author of "Jesus Never Existed".  Go to for more details.

No Uniform is Worthy of Humanity


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In Haig's presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy. 
"The Final Days", Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein)

Where do we get the idea that military service people have 'rights'? Once you sign the papers you are lower than an animal to your new owners. You have waived all your civil and human rights. You exist solely to protect corporations and governments. Not your family, culture or 'freedoms'. You are no longer protected by your national laws once in uniform. You have the same legal protection as a rabbit in a lab waiting for a scientist to inject shampoo into its eyes. They can do as they wish with you. Inject you with syphilis. Test radioactive and chemical weapons on you. Put disease and microchips in your brain to see how well the 'hero' twitches.
You are a disposable piece of meat to your beloved nation who only cares about your pointless suffering and death so they can romanticize it for future generations who will then emulate your sacrifice. Your legacy will be the perpetual deaths of future generations in the cause of something called 'foreign policy'. Your fleeting existence will only be utilised to encourage and feed the corporate cult of war.
If you do survive, you will be left to rot in the street. No firing of mirror neurons and oxytocin bonding with your platoon buddies when you are rooting through the dumpster behind Walmart. The former lab specimen has served it purpose.
Your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, physical and psychological illnesses, shattered home life and other post-service misery you will carry alone until the day you die. You'll still be lower than an animal to the entities you swore to protect. As your record in the service of corporations is given a cursory mention in the newspapers and then everyone forgets you ever existed until they need a new generation of cannon fodder, and then your 'selfless sacrifice' is called upon to get the next generation of young people to sign their humanity away.


Do Not Trust Hidden 'Experts'


I do not care if a real psychopath passed through their lives or not, the behaviour of these nameless, faceless individuals on so called 'recovery' groups is like something right out the Middle Ages.


It often borders on mass hysteria and there is always one drama queen in the middle of these dysfuctional collectives whipping up lies and histrionics, inviting cults onto the forum as a powerplay in order to become the Queen of Recovery. Yet who are these finger-pointing nameless assholes?

The answer YOU DON'T KNOW and they have a vested interest in making sure you never find out who they really are behind the 'emotive' avatar.

Myself, Donna Andersen and Robert Hare and some others do not hide our real life identities. We take huge personal risks doing so.

So why do these other 'experts' and incredibly judgemental and self-aborbed individuals hide theirs? They all know who you are. They have your email addresses and IP details. Does this seem right to you? Fair? Is this accountability?

There is no 'recovery' among these groups were schmaltzy individuals run industrial level smear campaigns and use the luxury of their hidden identity to throw disgusting accusations at people who can't defend themselves.




These traits are the hallmark of the cult mentality and groups who run smear campaigns and operate virtual kangaroo courts such as Meta Sub Forums while their own identity is hidden, are to be avoided like the plague. MORE>>>



I guess it was after a female moderator on a so called 'recovery' group told me that she wanted to hire a hit man to kill her ex-'psychopathic' partner that I felt it was time to leave such environments. More disturbingly, I found no proof that this woman was ever in a relationship with the man she wanted to have brutally slaughtered. I know, I followed up her story. MORE>>

Attention Psycho Hunters - Give up the Vendetta

Narc-Slayers, Spath-Exposers and other infantile future casualities. 99% are going to be destroyed playing your little 'awareness' game. Your souls will be eaten raw. Go back to your TV soaps and sports, most of you have no idea what you are up against and how much spiritual danger you are in.

People really have no idea how our society is. They would literally die of shock if the truth was revealed to them. It nearly killed me and I'm fairly strong. We live in a goldfish bowl with aquarium toys around us and placed there to distract us from what lies beyond the curved glass walls which hold us inside our floating delusion. What's beyond the glass is not another goldfish. I can assure you of that. MORE>>>

Walk Away

Walk away from your psychopathic systems and toxic people. You can't reform them. They do not function like that.

The only way to play is to get off the chessboard and starve them of your engagement. They can't be reformed, bargained with, or made to understand your "frustration". It does not work like this. You will always lose playing their game.

They love when you give them attention, it proves to them that you still consider them your rulers. They need your acceptance of their status in order to maintain their status.

Your refusal is worth 1,000 votes on election day.

Bilderburg Fringe Festival = Another Tapestry of Lies?

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I think it was the Trutherpalooza style ‘Happy Fun Time!” logo created for the Bilderburg Fringe Festival which first set my alarm bells off. While real anti-Globalist protestors were being slaughtered in the streets of Istanbul, protestors on this side of world were partaking in a 'party atmosphere' where they can scream in delight at the sight of the ‘superstars of Truth’ right in front of them, seemed just wrong to me This wasn’t a protest - it was a party.

Then I began to ask myself who was behind this event... The name Charlie Skelton emerged from the hype. Skelton is a mainstream TV presenter known for, and proud of playing practical jokes on gullible people while making them look especially stupid for the TV cameras. His most notorious project, ‘Space Cadets’ was a reality TV show in which a group of gullible people believed they were actually training for a space mission and then went into space. They all fell for it and how we laughed and howled at their stupidity while Charlie Skelton penned for the Guardian in the aftermath of his satisfactory Gaslighting of these people:

"I saw the planet spinning below us. I shuffled humbly back into the mid-deck and wrote a poem about how...the poem was a tapestry of lies."

One now has to wonder now if the whole Bilderburg Fringe Festival may be a set up by Charlie Skelton and the ever present and industrious Home Counties Activist/Socialist/Mi5 Crowd, who like to involve themselves in protests by sauntering from “Stately Homes” to “Demos” in order to kill time waiting for the Henley Regatta to come back around again. The purpose of this set-up might be to create a fake festival in the same style as a documentary from about 10 years ago which built the facade of a fake superstore in the Czech Republic in order to demonstrate people's ability to get sucked up into hype and mind control while making fun of them.

I hope it is not true as it could destroy the entire movement in one 'send-up' film. Portraying the Truthers as the biggest ‘Sheeple’ of all? Now I am even starting to think that the Bilderburgers are not even in that building in Watford and the entire meeting is a fake set-up for TV fun and frolics in the same vein as the fake Czech superstore mockumentary.

Could Charlie Skelton be doing  the same to the ‘Truthers’ with this 'protest'? Why else would he be there? To help overthrow the individuals who keep him employed? Think about that one while your screaming hysterically at the sight of Alex Jones and the other ‘stars’ while people are lying dead and dying in Istanbul.

The Woolwich Witch Hunt and Psychological Inclosure Act of 2013


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We live in an age where we think of timeframes, objectives and plans as being developed and implemented by Governments as relatively short-term events. We are led to believe that Government policy and objectives generally take place around a specific, but limited timeframe before the new agenda, target or objective is developed and implemented: 'Five Year Plan', ‘New Deal' 'Great Leap Forward', and so on. As our own lifespans in the West generally involve seventy or so years of metabolic processes leading towards eventual entropy, we have a tendency to assume that Governments and Regimes also work according to similar notions of limited lifespans and natural existences.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Government of your country right now, along with the financial/taxation model you are currently subjected to, has been in development for centuries, if not thousands of years. To illustrate this, look at the history of Inclosure Acts implemented by various English and British Governments between the 12th and 19th centuries. The purpose of these acts was to rob the English of their own country along with their ability to support themselves independent of bureaucracy, policing and taxation. The various regents, lords, landlords and councils would then impose the role of taxation livestock upon the citizens and milk them of their labours. In time, these acts were eventually superseded by planning laws, zoning restrictions, statutes and other by-laws which were to generate income via fines, with the objective of increasing the yield of the human taxation livestock even further.

Each new Inclosure Act that was passed by the ruling classes over the centuries was to copper fasten the loose ends left over from the previous acts—as canny, creative citizens—were finding and taking advantage of loopholes and other methods of circumventing the previous oppressive laws. The history and objectives of the Inclosure Acts went something like this: each new act, or amendments to previous acts removed existing rights of local people to carry out independent cultivation, cutting hay, livestock grazing, or making use of local natural resources such as woodlands, fish, and peat for fuel. Eventually, even the right for a country dweller to ‘live off the land’ was forbidden. Seven hundred years of acts and laws were implemented in order to dehumanise the native populations of England—and later Great Britain and Ireland—in order to make the citizens grateful slaves to the in-bred aristocrats and it remains so to this day. Inclosure Acts were also implemented to move people (human livestock) from the countryside and into industrial towns and cities so they could toil within Blake’s ‘Dark Satanic Mills’.

In the last few days we have witnessed the most appalling and disturbing scenes of an alleged sectarian murder of a young British soldier on the streets of Woolwich in London and, not surprisingly, the British media—most noticeably the BBC—have been quick to cultivate a sickening ‘divide and conquer’ tactic which has resulted in the UK becoming a colder and more fractured society. Add to this the sickening comments placed on social media by hysterical, reactionary morons demanding retaliation murders of all Muslims, and you have a British Government which is reaping the policy of a kind of Inclosure Act of the British psychology, which began with the flooding of the UK with immigrants, starting in the 1950s.

Each successive wave of immigrants was the psychological equivalent of amended Inclosure Acts imposed upon the consciousness of both the ‘native’ urban British working and middle class population, along with the immigrants themselves. Meanwhile, the ones who implemented each successive statute to enforce multiculturalism, diversity and laws against racial intolerance remained the same in-bred, pasty-faced Eaton and Harrow Bollinger-guzzling ala carte sodomites—immune to the effects of these actions and horrors—while enjoying the unconditional support via their well-trained morons of ‘Middle England’. All this taking place while mosques are being attacked by English Defence League yobs, and ordinary folk have to be subjected to fake MI5 accounts on social networking sites, whipping up hatred in order to copper fasten previous acts and statutes relating to racial laws and anti-terrorism objectives. The corralling of the human psyche into an ever-tightening 'group think' psychosis within pre-formed identity ghettos—which then results in people bereft of self-reflection—has become the only means left whereby Governments can effectively administrate their populations on behalf of the Globalists.

Human beings—since the advent of monotheism—have been increasingly born into a world fuelled by trauma and control. This has not been by accident. The engineered insanity we witness each day by the psychopathic dregs of mass media newsprint and broadcast journalism is nothing more than a continuum—cultivated by aristocrats and bureaucrats—long before anyone even knew what a ‘racist’ or a terrorist’ was. The tragic thing is that many can see the puppet masters’ sleight-of-hand for what it is, but choose to do nothing. Hate and resentment is easier to achieve than one’s personal consciousness evolution and understanding. There are no ‘reality shows’ about how to achieve such things on TV. There is no one to do it for them—so they sit at home and applaud Nero’s fiddle playing—as the flames further engulf them.

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In the classic movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest’ there is a powerful and moving scene where the Native American Chief Bromden approaches the protagonist McMurphy, and is shocked to see lobotomy scars on his forehead. Chief Bromden suffocates McMurphy with his pillow, unwilling to see such a powerful spirit of a man be left a vegetable. The Chief then breaks through a window of the mental hospital and escapes towards the freedom as the sun rises. Due to the psychopaths having stewardship over us, our spirit is being shocked out of us. The Western human is increasingly being made into the post-lobotomy McMurphy.

In the wake of the mass hysteria and media-fuelled hate fest following the Woolwich murder, I have come to the conclusion that so many people are on psych-meds these days that they can no longer be trusted with their reactions, feelings, emotions, opinions or even their own self-identity any longer. Add to this, the poor nutrition in the food, coupled with fluoride in the drinking water and all this is literally dissolving away people's cognitive awareness. Throw in the non-stop TV distractions and ceaseless corporate and Government propaganda, and you have a human race which is collectively lobotomised by over-prescription of medications while drowning in a sea of shit and constant regimentation. The BBC hid Jimmy Saville’s activities for four decades, yet they were whipping up the racial and sectarian divisions following the Woolwich murder within minutes of the tragedy.

We are living on Planet Nurse Ratched—telling us to swallow the poison—and then shut up and watch the TV. Right now they are feeding people hate and psychological shackles to increasingly trap their minds into the Labyrinth of the Psychopath. The horrors of Woolwich are the gates of a lobotomised Hades, which they are gladly pushing open even further and from which they want you to enter and never return from—once you pay the BBC ferryman his tariff in the form of a TV licence.

Fuck that shit; I run with the Native.

Evolution Prefers Trouble Makers - But Don't Be a Stupid or Evil Bastard Either


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Thanks to the modern fad of radical atheism, its obsession with conformity, submission to authority, hatred of individuality and creativity, this has resulted in a spectacular irony—that on every possible level—most people in the West are not evolving anymore. I state this as an agnostic who has come to accept that our understanding of the universe is so small that to even consider 'atheism is a fact' is just not realistic this early on into the game. Is there a supreme being, an intelligent designer(s)? I have no idea. More importantly I don't care. The debate regarding the existence or non-existence of a supreme deity is one more tactic to prevent us from looking inside ourselves for answers. It's just another externalising ruse.


From were I'm standing, I am seeing nothing but a lowering of the human condition. Look at what's on TV. Walk through your local shopping mall, and then consider the growth of the absurd Mega Churches, New Age, Channelling and Flying Saucer cults filled with gullible types who glory in their own lack of individuality and self-determination. These people have openly rejected evolution. They live in fear of thinking for themselves. They crave 'answers' from an authority figure as long as they do not have to exercise their own freewill.


There will never be a global awakening. Only your own personal monomyth. That is reward enough alone. Regardless of if the adversary is your government or your ex-husband: the 'Rules of Engagement' remain the same: No Contact Ever Again. However, that is not the same thing as each one of us—as individuals—not having to actively evolve within our own consciousness and personal development. We must do this. It's the calling evolution demands from us. I myself have every intention of becoming a glorious lunatic and dying a troublesome old bastard. I crave the desire to denounce orthodoxy when conformity is constricted by pathology.


Being awake is not an agreement, it's a calling and it comes looking for you. And only when the time right and if you give a shit enough to know there must be something better to this life than being a domesticated taxation animal. Genuine cynicism is the most valuable thing you have. Be a troublemaker. But don't be an easy target. Do not be fobbed off or dismissed by Orthodoxy Fanatics using the term "conspiracy theorist", or "nutjob" in order to shut you up when you are voicing genuine concerns and grievances regarding corporate/economic criminality, or pathological and destructive political/globalist mandates.


Use facts when defending your opinions. But don't be a moron with a target on your face by invoking paranoid or supernatural/alien woo when engaging with average folks. If you do not have 80% 'fact', then you do not have the "truth" in the eyes of masses. Something important to always bear in mind.


Likewise do not land yourself in the on-line ghetto of despondency and social rejection. Stand up for yourself, but keep your more 'hardcore' ideas to yourself and the people you trust. If you have supernatural or paranormal interest—then keep your mouth shut around most folks—and keep your 'woo of choice' out of anything to do with real life political and corporate issues.


Never, ever be even slightly racist (in a hateful or biggoted manner), or you are on the losing team. See all humanity (except psychopaths) as your potential allies. Learn about law, commerce and psychology. Be calm and self-confident. Respectful and relaxed. Laugh and embrace satire.


Learn from the best teachers: Malcolm X, Noam Chomsky, Bruce Lee and Carl Jung. They get respect from the mainstream—observe them and understand why. Learn from their mistakes too, and also cherish and take ownership of your own mistakes. This is how one evolves. Read the works of Edward Bernays and Saul Alinsky and understand how they taught the globalists their craft. Then use these methods to your own advantage.


You can slay a dragon with stealthusing a sound and noble planeasier than charging into its flames waving a sword trying to be a hero. Be a warrior, not a hero. Wake yourself up with dignity and decency and others will begin to ask the questions, and you will have the answers ready for them.


That's Evolution, not Revolution.

Preventative Measures?


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...and is the Pope also having his penis removed as a preventative move in case he breaks his wrist at some time in the future?


Not to make light of the issue of breast cancer, but the thing is, the sheer strangeness and purposefully high profile media circus nature of Angelina Jolie's act is what makes it so bizarre. "99% of women do not carry the BRCA1 mutation that raises the risk of breast cancer" - Professor H. Gilbert Welch is a professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and a co-author of 'Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health.'

If this woman actually got cancer and her breasts had to be removed, then for some strange reason she would still be beautiful. It's the whole nuclear option nature of this event. Where will it all end?

And Then You Must Run and Never Look Back.

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"The depths are stronger than us, so do not be heroes, be clever and drop the heroics, since nothing is more dangerous than to play the hero. The depths want to keep you, they have not returned very many up to now, and therefore men fled from the depths and attacked them . . ." - Carl Jung    


When you look deeply into the subject of psychopathy it actually damages you as a person. You find it harder to smile and laugh. You begin to look at the spark in the eyes of young children and wonder when the psychopaths are going to target them when they grow up. The beast who will try - and sadly sometimes will - diminish the glow from their souls. 
You are even gaslighted and traumatised by just the information about psychopaths. They truly are demonic. Psychopaths pollute you in so many ways. It's not a subject for the weak hearted to tackle at the deeper level. Most people only need to (and should)  know the basics. You are literally entering into the depths of Hell and among the demons. Not everyone can safely take that journey and come out with most of their old self in-tact.


Just as a warrior loses flesh in the heat of battle, the journey into the Labyrinth of the Psychopath will result in parts of your soul being harvested by the heat of Hell. Big sure to check you have enough soul before you enter these realms were our Shamans and Druids once entered on our behalf, but alas no more. Hell always tries to feed on you, from the moment you peak inside its doors.
Thank God I grew up in a tough neighbourhood and had a rough childhood. I have looked pure evil in the face and I can tell it does exist and the effects of the psychopath upon the rest of us is as spiritual as much as it is psychological. I have to be honest and say if I didn't have the people who love me, my true friends, my art, and a sense of humor, I am pretty certain the psychopaths via their their mind games, enabler-clustering and psychic attacks would have killed me by now. I am not strong enough to heal my own wounds. None of us who have hearts and souls can stand alone against the deepest of all shadows.  
Next time an academic tells you there is no such thing as evil or demonic forces - just tell them to go 'get stuffed'. There are other forces on this planet and we human beings are their quarry. The psychopath's are their jaws.

This is it, we fight or we are replaced by a non-human consciousness operating inside a human skin suit. Peace, love and light won't save you. Seeing past their camouflage will. Then you will know how to escape.

And then you must run and never look back.

As Above-So Below


The Moon's Approval - Mixed Media on Canvas (2013)   


When I was 11 years old I went on a camping trip with the scouts in Brittas Bay, and there was an Aurora one night and the scout leaders and all the kids were looking at it in amazement. Innocently, I remarkedas Astronomy was a hobby then and still is"they are caused by particles from the Sun being energised by the magnetic pole of the Earth". 


There was stunned silence, they all looked at each other and then burst out laughing at me, including the adult troop leaders. They were laughing at me because it was night time and they could not see the Sun. Therefore, how could the Northern Lights be caused by the Sun. This was the logic of willful ignorance they had been indoctrinated with. 


Right there and then I was trained never to present novel concepts or new information to most people as they believe that if they never heard it before (usually from the television), then it can't possibly be true. Willful ignorance is almost like a form of social self-medication when you think about it. 


People today, as they were when I was a young kid in the 70'sand just about everywhere elseare citizens of the television. That's their nation. That's their culture. Television is the conduit which delivers them every aspect of their personal and social identity. It's truly terrifying the power of that box of electronics in the corner of the living room. That's their God. That piece of plastic which their beloved magical deities and oracles inhabit. Some people call these folks 'sheep'. A term I am not overly fond of as it's fascistic and based on one false paradigm assuming it has superiority over another false paradigm. 


Even so, the term 'sheep' is used by some as a derogatory term to denote mindless followers of governments, religions and corporations. These 'sheep' frustrate and annoy people who are trying to raise the consciousness of the population. They listen to them talking shit about X-Factor and Kim Kardashian and wonder were awareness and enlightenment reside.


However, real sheep on pasturesvia their own shitfeed the mushrooms which produce Psilocybin which then expand awareness and consciousness. Two kinds of shit leading to the same results.


As Above-So Below... 


You have to unearth your own wisdom, and only when the time is right (if ever). It can't be taught to you. No pathfinder can take you all the way. They can only point you towards a possible direction. The final part of the journey is a solitary one. Joseph Campbell/Carl Jung/James Joyce etc were all correct. The hero's journey is a Monomyth. 


Speaking of which, I had a power outage the other night, and so I called up the Irish 'Your Money for Electric Power Company' or whatever it's called these days, and a nasty, cold arrogant woman on the other end says; "what do you want?"  I couldn't help myself so I responded "Love and Light?"

Having a sense of humour and laughing at our own absurdities is a good way of keeping the wolves at bay.


As Above-So Below...