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Facebook Animal Cruelty Porn Motherfuckers

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More than anything else, what really pisses me off is the assumption that somehow ‘we don't care enough’ is what gets me the most when these motherfuckers post these images of horrific animal cruelty to their Facebook wall and it shows up on my newsfeed and leaves me traumatised for weeks afterwards. All I can think of is my own pets being in that situation and it does nothing to save the poor animals being killed on camera and then shared with the world when we didn’t ask nor desire to see these images.

What good comes of doing this? What good comes of me and countless millions of others having to be put through this experience? It achieves nothing except gives some professional hysterical motherfucker an attention-seeking rush coupled with a desire to chastise and punish the innocent. It's just like these born again Christian motherfuckers who think that without the Bible we would have no decency or morality. Same mentality. By the way, how does posting images of thugs skinning cats alive prevent this from happening again? If anything, it is more likely to give some other psychopaths who never tried it some ideas. Have you fucking even considered this? No, because you’re a self-absorbed motherfucker without consideration for your fellow human beings who are not evil. That's most of us BTW.


Maybe, just maybe, I can forgive one person who, in a state of shock, might impulsively share one of these sickening photos without fully understanding the consequences, but there are other motherfuckers who do this shit all the time. Remember, Facebook has a Block function and you can banish these motherfuckers to the forbidden regions of the electro-magnetic spectrum where they can do the least damage spreading their ‘awareness‘.

Like every other non-psychopathic person on Earth, I do not want to see horrific images of animals suffering via acts of appalling cruelty arriving on my Facebook newsfeed. It achieves nothing except causes distress to innocent people who do not need to be shocked. We instinctually know it is evil and sick. We do not need reminding...constantly.

The animals in the photos are now dead (and probably glad for it considering what was done to the poor creatures) and unlike these cruelty porn junkies I, and most others are aware that torturing animals is evil and we do not need to have horrific images posted on our newsfeed to 'understand' this.

Most of us do not have to post photos of cats being skinned alive in order to prove we have compassion. It's incredibly selfish what Facebook Animal Cruelty Porn Motherfuckers do. You are not helping these animals, or even punishing the psychopaths who are doing this evil. You are just messing with the heads of decent people who love their pets. So please refrain from doing this, or please fuck off. Thanks.

Feedback from Norweigian Speaking Tour (Oct 2012)

"This knowledge should be mandatory for everyone. Here there were pieces fell into place and the world became a much clearer. It is essential to understand psychopath anatomy to be a good therapist or a good neighbor, or to take care of themselves itself. This lecture has NOT afford to miss! Recommend it strongest."



"Thank you for having me on the lecture with Thomas Sheridan Stavanger, it was very informative. Thomas Sheridan conveys a clear and comprehensible manner in which seriousness and humor are mixed fine together. I knew little about psychopaths before I attended the lecture, but now I've got a knowledge that I could easily reveal a psychopath who will eventually try to come into my life future. I knew a little in advance of the typical characteristics of a psychopath, but now I also learned how psychopath's brain works and how he/she considers to be other people. Useful and frightening at one time, but thankfully not something to be afraid when you know how to recognize these individuals. As we know too how to take care of yourself. The knowledge I will share with my family, friends and colleagues, so most people can recognize psychopath in. and protect themselves from manipulation. I encourage anyone who has opportunity to take the time to listen to Thomas Sheridan, it may prove To save your health!"


"Thomas gave a very good and remarkably thorough and comprehensive presentations - simple and easy to understand. It gave an insight and understanding for a psychopath "reviews", thinking and acting in such a way that you really can (and should) forgive them for their behavior, actions and "goals". There was also a slightly different picture and wider than what is a psychopath and his way of acting/operating. they people associate it with violence and not "cowardice". If you have had an encounter with such a person experienced the chaos, uncertainty and frustration will be better after the talk and can understand what happened, take away their burden on themselves and raise their intrinsic value because it is now looking manipulations and machinations one is incurred without being completely sure of his own innocence. Did/did I/he/she is or not! It will also be easier to recognize other psychopaths and avoid them because you have revealed them from the start. Most importantly is enough to recognize what you have been exposed to and how oneself is after such an experience. And to know / have an idea how one can struggle back to normal life and maybe grow experience notwithstanding. It is also important for those who have not experienced them even to recognize them before it happens so that they lose their psychological "Advantage" / transferee with everything from eloquence, courting, promising and high promises of a castle bigger than others anarchist states."



Thomas will be Returning to Norway in Early 2013 for Another Series of Lectures on Psychopathology in the Workplace and at the Cultural, Social, Political and Economic Level.

First Contact Land


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Thomas Sheridan with Kira on the superb First Contact Land radio show sharing our views on Native American and Non Controlled Humanity. Essential Listening:


Gaslighting Begins With Passive Aggressiveness

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"You Hardly Know Me...but Are You OK Buddy? You Appear to be Having 'Issues'...Wanna Tell Me About It???"

Recently I conducted an experiment on my Facebook wall in order to smoke-out pathological types and cult members who were possibly lurking on my friends list.


I announced that my career was essentially finished with the current psychopathy 'normalisation' process being undertaken by Channel 4 TV, coupled with the long term fall-out from an on-going smear campaign/psychotic witchhunt run by a comet death cult against me between Summer and Autumn 2012.  


The primary purpose of this was to gather data on how the Gaslighting process begins with not so subtle Passive Aggressiveness. Underhand comments are issued in the form of confidence-destroying 'advice' which could be along the lines of "well, you only destroyed yourself..." - "well, you do have many flaws..." and so forth. 


Most people were aware I was 'taking the piss' (I was telling jokes about it mainly) and were giving me sincere 'chin up' responses one would expect from decent people. Others knew I was joking and good naturedly played along. Psychopaths have incredible difficulty with grasping irony and satire. They need 'canned laughter' in order to get the joke.


However, a tiny number were licking their lips assuming (delighted) I was 'finished' and these were the control subject group which I was attempting to move away from the body of decent folks. Of course, my career is nowhere near finished as more offers than ever are coming in both mainstream and alternative. My Velocity of Now radio show is wooing thousands with each broadcast and my book sales are healthy.   


However, in an on-going effort to see just how many 'hidden' pathlogicals were on the FB list I put it 'out there' I was history. These kinds of social 'experiments' I have performed in the past when I suspected a malevolent pathological personality was 'in the house' and were very important to understand what drives the pathological personality and how decent folks could avoid them.


Some were sending me PMs practically dancing on my grave in the guise of 'between you and me...' platitudes. Others were similar statements from Facebook 'friends' who completely ignore all my articles, artwork, jokes and banter - but who 'revealed' when they assumed my number was up.


The experiment was designed to fire the Norepinephrine in their lower brain stems and get them to impulsively begin with the passive aggressive remarks as this would provide a valuable insight into observing how Gaslighting initially begins and how to distinguish it from what I term non-malevolent Trauma Vampires. It is morally wrong and indecent to go around looking for who is and who isn't a possible 'psychopath' - we must always give EVERYONE a chance to express their full humanity - however, at the same time we owe it to ourselves and the ones we love to recognise the possibility of Gaslighting when it may be manifesting towards us. Early signs of infection, prevents death.

The Children's Zoo days in New York



The NME site featuring a very young me playing guitar with New York post-punk/goth band The Children's Zoo back in 1987 HERE...