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The Tara Lodge, Kincora, the Orange Death Cult and Mi5

"history is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake"- James Joyce


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November 1966, and a Presbyterian evangelist named William McGrath has an apocalyptic prophetic vision that Northern Ireland would be engulfed within a biblical-style end times war between the 'real' Irish people - who were the Protestants descended from the Tribe of Daniel - and the 'Papist' Invaders. The result of this prophetic vision was McGrath's creation of an esoteric organisation named the Tara Lodge. What William McGrath had not revealed to anyone at the time of his vision of a coming sectarian war in Northern Ireland, was that he was also working for Mi5.



The Second English Civil War

How the Mod Movement Became the Most Successful People's Uprising in History and Laid Out the Template for Future Social and Cultural Movements to Emulate


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model: Pete Wilky

In the 1950's, England was a grim place indeed; the 'Stay-at-Home Generation' who defeated the Nazis—only to end up losing their own economic war—existed in a bleak landscape of austerity, food rationing and quiet, internalised outrage. They looked across the Atlantic and observed the seemingly boundless indulgences of the United States, intoxicated on the spoils of World War Two in a land free from bombed-out cities and mass civilian deaths. Meanwhile, following the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, working class English people were still expected to go down the coal pits, work in the mills for poverty-level wages and be ready to be machine gunned on a foreign battlefield for “Queen and Country” at the drop of a City of London bowler hat. 
Then something remarkable happened which was to change England and the world forever. In December 1963, the Aden Emergency was declared when an uprising against the British Crown forces in what is now Yemen took place. This could have been Britain's Vietnam, following on from the disastrous Suez Canal Crisis in 1956 when then British Prime Minister Anthony Eden resigned from his position following his implementation of National Service. This act resulted in thousands of draft cards being sent back to the Ministry of Defence with “Bollocks!” and “Fuck off!” written on them. England was changing; the old guard was losing control. By the time the Aden Emergency happened, the 'Stay-at-Home Generation' had produced millions of teenagers who were most certainly not going to spend their lives working in mines and mills, and many had no intention of fighting battles on foreign shores only to return to that same grim working class gritty vista their parents had endured following their own sacrifices during the Second World War. 
At this time, mainly in London, a subculture of youth could be seen driving around the poorer neighbourhoods on scooters emblazoned with the insignia of the Royal Air Force and wearing military style Parka jackets. Taking their name from Modernist Jazz, the 'Mods' were very different than other working class subcultures which had previously manifested in the UK, such as Teddy Boys and Rockers. Mods were different. They weren't insular, nor were they racists like other working class subcultures had been. They embraced diversity: Tamla-Motown, American R&B, Jamaican Ska, UK beat, Blue Note jazz and, most of all, their most iconic symbol, the Italian Lambretta scooters which they rode around the still visually Dickensian streetscapes in large groups like an invading army. Fueled by amphetamine 'Speed', rather than the horsepower kind.

This was a subtle 'in your face' rebellion fitted out in designer suits and unisex short haircuts. Girls could play with the boys for the first time too, rather than being merely arm candy. A Mod girl was often in the middle of a fight, rather than whimpering at the margins. Mods were not only rejecting the status quo, they were co-opting its sacred symbols too and making them their own. The stage was set. 

If there is one thing every democratic and totalitarian government loves, it is most certainly an armed uprising. They want hostile, battle-hungry marginalised youth, revolutionary committees, barricades, draft constitutions and heroic acts of bravery by the masses. This allows them to roll their military straight into the rebels and slaughter them without mercy and then implement totalitarian mandates in order to 'restore law and order'. The romance of the Paris Commune uprising which resulted in the ruthless slaughter of 20,000 men, women and children was completely lost on the student rebellion in Paris in the 1960's, who walked straight into the same trap once again. Our leaders gladly give us organisations such as the Socialist Workers Party who exist to turn peaceful demonstrations into tear gas and riot shield mayhem so the real message of the protest is lost in a maelstrom of outrage and “something must be done!” pontifications. The term Revolution means to revolve right back to where one started. There is an on-going agenda to make sure that we will get fooled again.

In my book The Anvil of the Psyche I presented the argument that culture is used as a social control mechanism by the ruling elite, with the aim of manipulating the perceptions and desires of the population so as to align the masses' expectations with the agenda of the ruling oligarchs. This is how they really wage war on us. An asymmetrical engagement with our consciousness, rather than overt totalitarian oppression. We are made to love and crave the manacles which are used to enslave us. In such a system—which Western Civilisation currently operates under—this is to seize culture in order to change the perceptions, and even socio-economic nature of society using culture against the population. Taking what's good and rotten and making it more appealing to the masses. Attacking us with the fads, trends and commercial trash they forever drip-feed us with in mind-numbing increments. Mods were the first group to take that same idea and turn it around in order to change themselves according to their own desires. In a world built on clandestine mind control through the trappings of top-down implemented cultural protocols, this was an act of defiance that the control structure never anticipated. The Mods were their hens who came home to roost.

The role of The Who's guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend—as one of the most important revolutionary figures of history—has still not been fully recognised. Townshend not only provided the indigenous soundtrack of the Mod movement, but he also became their narrator and scribe. The Venerable Bede of his generation, dressed in pinstripes and using his Rickenbacker guitar to produce an illuminated manuscript of sound and motion directing his troops—the Mods—into battle with the British establishment. Riding into war not with guns and grenades, but with Roger Daltrey's voice, John Entwhistle's meandering bass riffs and Keith Moon's frenetic, but beat perfect drumming emblazoned with RAF targets on the front of their scooters in the same manner as their parents did in Spitfires against the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. Back-up forces of The Small Faces' 'Tin Soldier' in the vanguard. But it was Townshend—more than and other figure—who inspired the battalions of Brylcreemed revolutionaries moving along the A23 road to the seaside resort of Brighton.
The film Quadrophenia is a stunning archive of this period—the undeclared Second English Civil War—where the main protagonist Jimmy (played by Phil Daniels) is shown as the Mod in personal metamorphosis emerging from the painful trauma of the British working class pupa of his disheartened parents. Standing as a tortuous allegory to the unimaginable pain and trauma that a caterpillar must endure in order to become a butterfly. The final scene of the movie, where Jimmy sends the scooter belonging to the fake Mod named Face (played by Sting) over the White Cliffs of Dover and on to the rocks below, wraps up a film which sympathetically documented how Mods completely changed the face of British culture and gave working class people a sense of hope and raised their expectations for the first time since the Norman Invasion. The crumpled scooter on the rocks could also be seen as a statement that King Harold's death nearby at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 was not the end of that story. Nine hundred years later, amongst the excitement of the 'Swinging Sixties', indigenous English culture found resurgence in the Mods, spawning a multicultural mish-mash of good taste and self-awareness, and was finally the successful peasants' rebellion which sent a message to the Anglo-Norman British elite which they have still never recovered from.  
The fact that Pete Townshend to this day is still vilified, hounded and besmirched by the British establishment demonstrates how much the Mod movement in the early to mid 1960's still rattles them. In fact, it never went away. If there were no Mods, there would have been no Punk in the late 1970's. A cultural chain reaction still lighting creative fires in art, music, fashion and cinema has burned its way into the stranglehold of the British class systems, which became a global inferno still expressed to this day in everything from graffiti to conspiracy theory. The Mods let the cat out of the bag and young people everywhere should follow the example of the short-haired revolutionaries overturning deck chairs on the beaches of Brighton and then finishing up with twelve hours of dancing. The revolution will not be televised; it will be lived. 



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The Psychopath's Prayer

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"...and your wonky eye is getting worse"

Version One: HERE>>>

Version Two: HERE>>>

The Ego Exists for a Reason - But Comes with Responsibilities

Every single human being on this planet is narcissistic to one degree or another – all of us. Anyone who says they are not is either delusional, or a liar. The narcissistic aspect of our personality is the reason why you put your best photos up on social media, your most flattering self image to the world and why we all seek accolades and affection from our peers, and in this absurd age of Facebook, from armies of strangers who will tell you how awesome you are just for making toast for breakfast. MORE...

Societal Stockholm Syndrome
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'Scientific societies are as yet in their infancy. It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality then they have now even in totalitarian countries. Fitche laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.' -- Bertrand Russell, 1953 

Programmed Helplessness by James Cobertt HERE>>>

Russell Brand: Sorry, I Was Wrong

His BBC Newsnight appearence really is a world changing event MORE>>>

Here is one simple Litmus Test for Russell Brand and any other 'activist' person, or anyone else who claims to be concerned about human decency and civil rights.

If Russell Brand really stood up for what is right - he would boycott the BBC following the revelations surrounding their protection of Jimmy Savile. Not go on their top rated news magazine show.

I would consider using the BBC to promote my work to be on par with performing in South Africa during the Apartheid boycott.


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Pineal Gland Decalcification and Turmeric Root


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In 2010, I began to remove the Irish Government approved Sodium Fluoride from my drinking water supply. The effects were almost instantaneous as I experienced a general upsurge in overall health. I now get far less colds and have never had the flu since utilising a filtration system to remove the fluoride from my drinking water. I would encourage everyone who lives in a water fluoridated region to do the same.

However, I was also aware that removing incoming fluoride at home was only part of the solution. I still had four decades of accumulated Sodium Fluoride in my physiology which needed removing. Along with this, there was always going to a moderate intake of sodium fluoride from ingesting foods and drinks when eating out which I still had to contend with.

Looking around at the many suggestion on how to remove accumulated fluoride from the body, some were rather dubious indeed. Charcoal Tablets were commonly recommended, but these are made of what is essentially soot from burnt wood. Hydrocarbons, which have been shown to clog the very fine lining of the stomach wall which can eventually lead to stomach cancer. This soot is also what makes the fluoridated Guinness Stout the colour black, and which might explain why just about every life long drinker of the 'Black Stuff' I've personally known had stomach cancer.

Eventually I stumbled upon one resource which, from my own personal experience, can be safely used to remove Sodium Fluoride from the body but also comes with a staggering array of other health benefits: Turmeric Root.

Perhaps the most effective anti inflammatory natural spice on the planet, Turmeric Root has been shown in several studies - that when ingested - the body was able to flush out toxins, via the liver, far more effectively. Not only that, but it was also shown that Turmeric Root actually protects against further chemical toxicity effects.

Since I have begun eating raw and cooked Turmeric Root daily, I've notice a remarkable improvement in my sleeping habits. I also find myself having more vivid dreams and recalling them far more easily upon waking. This I feel is due to my pineal gland being decalcified by eating Turmeric Root regularly. The Pineal Gland produces melatonin, a hormone affecting the modulation of waking and sleeping cycles. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is now widely believed that its presence within the pineal gland affects dream states and expanded states of cognitive awareness.

Turmeric Root is now freely available in the West and generally very inexpensive to purchase. The taste is perhaps something people might find tricky to get used to at first. It tastes very different than the dried turmeric spice powder most people are familiar with. I dice a single root into small pieces and add it to salads, soups and of course curries. Somertimes I simply drink small diced pieces of the root in a glass of water. In India, Tumeric is added to milk as a popular tonic.

Nazi Revivalist Cult Infiltration

One of the things to understand about an extremist, mind-control fanatical death cult membership, is their lack of ability to 'get' satire. Everything is very literal to them. The brain-washed cult members projects their own 'x-boxed' vacant personality condition on to others whom they perceive as being just other 'flesh robots' - like the cult member - with no grey area to their personality. This is their 'us' or 'them' psychosis in action. They have to strip down the humanity of everyone else into a clean package so they can more easily label them. Then the applied label becomes proof they are 'the enemy'. This then justtifies gang stalking, internet witchhunts, book burning and other fascistic convulsions being passed off as 'spiritual' or political.


Nazi-Revivalist Cults coupled with flying saucer contactee, comet and other doomsdays quazi-religious mind control cults are heavily infiltrated within this movement I am sorry to say. They are using decent people's justifiable anger at Israeli government policy on Gaza and the West Bank to try and Nazify/Indoctrinate them into something beyond sincere compassion. You will often see these pasty-faced loners looking for people who post about Middle East politics and then they friend them on Facebook and then they try to get to make them agree with racist remarks. The ones under cult mind control generally have the 'x-boxed' vacant expression faces while regurgitating cult mantas they have been programmed with.


Nameless, Faceless 'Recovery' Authors/Experts


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So you have been manipulated and duped by a possible psychopathic type who wrecked your life as you discovered they were essentially a complete stranger.

So how good an idea is it to hand your trust over to a 'recovery expert' or author(s) who is a complete mystery?

Observe their shallow and passive agressive syntax. They lay the sob-stories on a bit too thick. Adding lie, upon distortion, upon hysteria only works for so long.

Who are these self-absorbed cauldrons filled with on-que crocodile tears calling themselves 'empaths'?


How come these 'empaths' show no basic decency/compassion for the family members of the people they publically name as 'psychopaths', 'sociopaths' and 'narcs' at the drop of a hat and often for trival reasons? How is that empathy?

It's completely disgusting when you think how they go about this on-line while not revealing their own real-life names.


Is this the behaviour of trustworthy people? Are they connected to cults? Political groups? Have criminal records? Known stalkers? Years of mental health issues? Erotomanics with a history of making false allegations? Who are they really? Just an avatar...

More importantly; how can genuine targets of pathological abuse lost in a hysterical high-drama environment of hate and vendettas find meaningful recovery?

People never think to ask the basic question..."who are these faceless, sympathy-mongering, mud slingers behind the nameless avatars calling others 'psychopaths', 'sociopaths while devoid of any accountability themselves?"



Do you feel safe pouring out your story to a nameless avatar? MORE>>>

Is Your Government or Employer Gaslighting You?

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Gaslight is a classic Hollywood movie based on a play of the same name, and the genesis of the term 'gaslighting' as a way to describe how pathological individuals or control systems deliberately alter the reality around their target(s), ultimately destroying their psychological sovereignty and eventually their sanity. This modus gives the antagonist complete control over the target(s). The term gaslighting has thus come to represent psychological mind control abuse in which false information is presented to the target(s), altering their sense of reality and destroying the target’s faith in their own discernment. MORE HERE...

Irish Government Agenices Remove Sodium Fluoride from their Own Drinking Water

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Similar to the recent revelations that Monsanto have organic cafeterias for their staff, the following website proudly announces that among their customers for Reverse Osmosis (which removes of Sodium Fluoride from drinking water supplies), includes: the Irish Health Service Executive, Gardai Siochana, Dublin City University, the National Museum of Ireland and many more public bodies and institutions.

This all taking place while Irish politicians refuse to even consider a public debate on the addition of Sodium Fluoride in Irish household drinking water. Even after a Harvard University recent study in a peer-reviewed journal by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences demonstrating how fluoride in water can cause permanent neurological damage to children. The Harvard study now joins 26 other scientific studies in finding that fluoride is a dangerous neurotoxin when ingested.


Does this seem right?

Holocaust Denial - Toxic and Dehumanising

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Thomas Sheridan comments on the growing popularity of 'Holocaust Denial' within alternative media, and gives a warning to those who spread this idea regarding their own possible psychic and social deterioration.


Fracking is a Wall Street Snowjob

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One of the many reasons I am totally against Fracking is primarily because it is looking more and more destined to be the next DotCom Bubble.  All the Fracking speculators will eventually pull out sooner or later, and we'll be left with little more than unused gas wells and pollution.


If you take a critical look at the Fracking companies, most are basically creations of the Stock Markets - and in particular, Wall Street investment banks - and they are not established companies with a history in mining or oil. Precisely the same model as the DotCom Investors: a speculative bonanza sold to shareholders on the assumption that it is going to result in a pay day.  


Imagine if these Fracking speculators wreck the countryside and do not even bother extracting the gas and oil? The main clue to their real agenda lies in the lack of infrastructural logistics required to distribute the gas and oil which may be found. There is simply no coherent plan for distribution put in place before the wells are drilled. "Hey, we will worry about the pipelines when we find the gas...!" appears to be the strategic business model at this juncture.  


Consider this: how is it that the main money maker in this so-called industry - as in, getting the actual product from well to customer - is not even planned out beforehand? This tells us all we need to know: that Fracking is a literal 'smash n' grab'.  If you are not concerned about Fracking, then you are not looking at the industry properly.


The entire Fracking industry is looking more and more like a scam to fleece pension funds and other investors. The speculators will take the investors' money and then run. Fracking is not a real industry; it's a snowjob and a very risky and harmful one.    


A toxic gas bubble is waiting to burst, and eventually will leave us with much more than just a financial mess to clean up.

Celebrating 100 Years of Being Gaslighted by Modern Art.

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The rationale used to defend this degradation of art is; that all expression should be free and unlimited. That the "concept" behind the work is more important than the artwork itself. Highly paid members of art councils, college professors and media will invoke "freedom of expression" and pontificate about the Nazis and the concepts of degenerate arts and "what it led too..." The irony being, that the greatest censorship in the art world today is by these same individuals against more traditional artistic expressions in terms of painting, drawing and sculpture. MORE>>>

Cambridge Gamefowl Product Launch


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Rustic Farmhouse Meals

A Division of Archontic GenMeals

May 1, 2014

Subject: Cambridge Gamefowl Product Launch




Dear Purchasing Executive,


As you are aware, Rustic Farmhouse Meals are about to launch our new Cambridge Gamefowl products, which will be included among our fine and diverse range of quality MeaT++ products from Sunday Roasts to Pot Pies. The purpose of this confidential communique is to stress the importance of playing down the origin of the Cambridge Gamefowl as being a hybrid of a Chicken and a Pig modified with Nicotine and non-Sweetened Sugars, which have been genetically altered to create a healthy, low fat, all-white meat for the consumer. A tasty and satisfying nutritious meat counter product your customers will want time and time again.


In a manner similar to how the 'Cornish Hen' branding was successfully developed in the 1980's to hide its origins, the same strategy will be used to disguise the true nature of the Cambridge Gamefowl. The Cambridge Gamefowl is to be marketed as a traditional English meat, evoking a genteel and olde world feeling. Although we envision a backlash to the launch of this exciting product by various homegrown terrorists, we expect little in the way of any protest from the general buying public. Archontic GenMeals now own all the main cable TV natural history and wildlife channels, and we have flooded these networks with endless programs based on Meerkats, Polar Bears and other exotic animals. The general public today has little or no understanding of the reality of their own native wildlife, or even agricultural livestock. Flooding social networking sites with 'cute' digitally created hybrid animals has been used to 'condition' the public to be more accepting of emerging meat products such as the Cambridge Gamefowl.


The launch will feature TV commercials and newsprint advertisements by the popular and wholesome young stars of the Number 1 rated TV show, 'Pre-Teen Murder Posse', as well as endorsements from several former high profile politicians and sports stars. This will also include validations by major environmental organizations, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, Federal Drug and Food Administration, along with famous environmentalists who will stress the low-carbon emissions of Cambridge Gamefowl farming methods. The launch will be global, and Rustic Farmhouse Meals look forward to a very profitable and cordial relationship with you and your retail outlets.



Winchester Hamilton-Fitzroy-Knox, CEO, Rustic Farmhouse Meals





PS: Please accept the two tickets included with this letter for a week of golfing in Bali with our compliments.