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Exclusive interview with Thomas Sheridan covering a range of topics from creativity, to cultural, social and corporate pathology, along with an in-depth insight into the rise of occult and magic circles within Germany during the decades leading up to 1919-1933.  Interview by James Swagger recorded at 'Wicker Man' studios in County Sligo, Ireland HERE >>>

Full Moons, Psychotics, Psychopaths and Smear Campaigns

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Full Moons: the magnetic pull of the moon affects the level of liquid (mainly water) pressure in the frontal cortex1 of the human brain. In most people, this results in little more than a sense of unease and irritation. Psychopathic and psychotic types, on the other hand, generally experience intense 'flare up' of their pathology and mania three days either side of the full moon.

With 'Blood Moons' or 'Super Moons' the mania can be observed in these individuals, as being in effect of up to a week of pathological hysteria on either side of the event. The most clear indicator of these individuals demonstrating their pathology and mania during these full moon episodes would be their hysterical and incredibly personal smear campaigns launched towards people who never did them any harm. I have used these 'lunar' control specimens for years now as a litmus test to remove the more hysterical individuals from my day-to-day life. 


They are people who are far too disruptive and dangerous to have in your life and it is not your fault that they are the way they are. Look out especially for growing signs of surprisingly sadistic Passive Agressiveness as the full moon approaches HERE >>>

Average humans might get angry and personally hate someone for a short while (this is natural) - only the psychopath, or a psychotic individual in and around a full moon - makes an industry of VERY personalised smear campaigns. It's an important tactic they use to deflect from themselves. A normal, healthy person has neither the obsessive pathology, nor the emotional energy to run a long-term character assassination campaign. There is a powerful realisation in this: the psychopath and pathological types FEEDS off the energy from their hysterical smear campaigns. It charges them. It is their food.

Take note of this effect from now on and keep an eye on the people in your circle who embark on this kind of behaviour three days either side of a full moon...THEN GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE ASAP. As always, be decent and compassionate and do not rush to make judgements based on a single lunar cycle. Someone might just be having a shit time of it regardless of the phases of the moon.  MORE>>>





NEW BOOK - Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919-1933

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This book, the first in a trilogy, has been the most difficult project I have worked on to date, and without a doubt, also the most enlightening. I went from being an atheist (with a small 'a') when I started it, to now believing that there are other forms of consciousness which exist in this world, and the battles which take place on this earth are a reflection of battles which began beyond the human psyche.


This is a major admission for me, as I have spent years trying to avoid such ideas. In the coming years, as the trilogy develops, I will be talking about everything from how we need to reclaim our European spiritual identity, and why we are a purposely damaged continent due to having been denied our own specific mythology and polytheistic archetypes by firstly, Monotheism, and then later by the New Age/Alien-Contactee Cults.


How this denial of a relationship to our own indigenous, uncorrupted Celtic/Gaelic-Nordic-Slavic-Anglo Saxon archetypes has then metastasised into a pathological malignancy which created Colonialism, National Socialism and Marxism (same thing), and why Anglo-American think-tanks such as the Fabians continue to destroy and alter our humanity to this day.  


During the research and writing of this book, I have been subject to strange, vicious and disturbing events from the moment I began working on this project back in Spring 2012, and the part which these events eventually played in revealing the true nature of Jimmy Savile and the aristocratic networks which protected him, allowing me to see just how deep this strata of demented control runs throughout control structures and dogmas.  


The roots of Communistic brutality and oppression is Monotheism.


The roots of Fascism is within corrupted Nordic magic, with a dash of imported Eastern brutality.


The occult in politics and mass media remains a fact once we understand what magic actually is: the control of human perceptions. Why nothing is ever a coincidence. Why magic is real, whether you wish to believe it or not. Your leaders do, and use it all the time.


How we are still living in the Middle Ages socially and politically, and then how we can break these spells by rejecting the current non-compatible archetypes of the Middle-East, Amazon and Tibet which the elite foist upon us to confuse Westerners, and fill us with self-loathing, by the constant regurgitation of external salvation by Jehovah and Jesus archetypes in politics and showbiz. Then telling us we are helplesss and in constant danger and can't survive without their guidance and salvation. Just like any psychopathic cult leader would brainwash their followers into believing. The ultimate black magic cult leader was Adolf Hitler. His Third Reich set the pathological template which all globalist control structures have modified and implemented to this day. Albeit, in more palatable formats.


It is time to harness their 'Electronic God' for our own benefit and stop feeding it with energy. 





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New Website and Contact Details



Alternative Website


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The Bridge with Kira feat Thomas Sheridan and Niall Murphy

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Perhaps one of the most important radio discussions I have been a
part of HERE >>>

Vikings: Fact? Fiction? And Hollywood?

Vikings: Fact? Fiction? And Hollywood? 


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Watch Presentation HERE >>>

Walpurgis Night April 30 2014 SPECIAL BROADCAST


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"Trench Gas" by Thomas Sheridan 2014

I shall be returning to TypeOne radio at 8PM on April 30th, 2014 for a Walpurgis Night two hour special broadcast, 95 years after the pathological duality of the Thule Society and the Spartacists changed the consciousness of the human psyche during that profound and frightening episode in Munich back in 1919. April 30 is indeed a date unlike any other.


As we also approach the centenary of the Great War of 1914-1918, we need to remind ourselves that history is a corruption of the human psyche intended to create chaos going forward. Only by building a firewall around our psyche and fully understanding that our leaders are for the most part insane and/or psychopathic black magicians - intuitive or otherwise who are passing the baton of depravity and murder from one elite generation to the next - can we avoid being spellbound.


A virus has corrupted human consciousness which creates a situation whereby we tolerate inhuman entities such as the 'Skull and Bones' Bush family carrying on the aims of the Third Reich from the White House, and Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, the former CEO of Nestlé proclaiming that water is not a human right. It is no accident that such people have arrived in positions of power on this planet. Their strain of the virus is the strongest. Politics, organised religion and big business is were the infection spreads most virulently.  


Why has, and how did such a situation come about? Join me for two hours on April 30th for some of the answers to these question. History is a game of chess and we are the pawns who need to get off the chessboard and quarantine ourselves away from this rigged death match across the black and white squares of the ages.  



Walpurgis Night Volume Two ANNOUNCEMENT

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The cold sea spray had diminished in its intensity as the new world to the west and south came into view with each haul of the wooden oars. A lone seagull settled on the halyard, as the large sail pushed harder upon the stempost, emblazoned with the carved head of a dragon - unrestricted and unrestrained - towards mystery, destiny and opportunity. Cutting like a newly forged and sharpened blade through the flesh of both man and beast alike, the keel seemed to slice its way in ever increasing ferocious anticipation towards the grey, wind-swept sands of Northumbria.  


Filled with anticipation of gold and glory, the høvedsmann turned to Ragnar Lothbrok, and they both smiled in acknowledgement of their unspoken pact made under the towering, narrow fjords of their homeland. Thor had protected them through the great storms, within the thick ethereal mist of the previously forbidden seas, and now they had a bargain to honour by appeasing the mighty god for his blessing and protection. The sólarsteinn, that magical sunstone of navigation, was now placed to one side for the return journey back home.   


Soon the land of the Christian kings came into view. A building of stone perched upon the Holy Island as the Christians had named it. A doorway leading towards jewel-encrusted regents and a gateway to the kingdoms of both this world and the unseen lands which exist in the crack between the day and the night.


Truly, Thor coveted this land for the men of the runes and fire as much as Lothbrok wanted his body one day consumed by fire in a longship as mighty and fierce as this. However, before the day came when the longship would become consumed in fire, it was to serve as a transport of many a Christian slave and the treasure of many a plundered kingdom. Any empty space left over was to be made a repository for tales of valour and survival, sacrifice and legend.   


The longship drew ever closer to the coast. The waves heaved the sleek, shallow hull up and down upon the surf as the sandy beach drew ever near. Pulling up the longship's oars, the crew replaced them in the palms of their hands with their weapons. They took one last glance towards the blustery sky, as they wondered how soon they would be feasting alongside Odin in the great Long Hall at Valhalla before this day was done. To fight and win, or to fight and die - the rewards were equally as splendid in the eyes of these Norsemen.      


The Christian monk within the scriptorium noticed two ravens on a leafless tree made bare by the the recent tempest. The two birds looked towards him and called out as if to mock him. Then, putting down his quill pen, while accidentally making an ink blot upon the dried goat skin, the young monk walked closer to the window, only to become horrified at the sight of armed and ferocious men jumping off the back of a 'dragon' on the beach below. 


Recalling the frightful omens and anxious talk during the long nights of the early April storms told by the Northumbrians as they huddled around their blazing fires, of needing God's protection from the whirlwinds, lightning, and fiery dragons in the sky seen flying in from the east, the young monk began to tremble as much for losing his faith in God's protection as for his own mortality in the face of such wrath.


Taking notice of the leader of this terrifying band of heathens arriving from the brutal lands to the east, the young monk, while making the sign of the cross, and then taking a deep breath, muttered to himself:    


“Her wæron reðe forebecna cumene ofer Norðhymbra land, þæt folc earmlic bregdon, þæt wæron ormete þodenas ligrescas, fyrenne dracan wæron gesewene on þam lifte fleogende. Þam tacnum sona fyligde mycel hunger, litel æfter þam, þæs ilcan geares on .vi. Idus Ianuarii, earmlice hæþenra manna hergunc adilegode Godes cyrican in Lindisfarnaee þurh hreaflac mansliht.”   


The signs in the sky were true, the fiery dragon had now arrived, as another would swoop from the sky many centuries later, when on 10 May 1941, the fierce heathen from the lands of runes and fire named Rudolf Walter Richard Hess took one last glance towards the sky and wondered how soon he himself would be feasting alongside Odin in the great Long Hall at Valhalla. Having consulted an astrologer and selected the time of his departure to Scotland - after being personally stopped by an order from Adolf Hitler during his previous attempted take-off on Walpurgis Night, April 30 - Hess already having sighted the Holy Island of Lindisfarne as Ragnar Lothbrok had done so from his own talisman-covered 'dragon' over eleven centuries previously, he rolled over his Messerschmitt Bf 110 and fell into the night below.