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Cult Members Attack...


...because Cult Members know they are full of shit. The truth is self-evident and does not need to be 'defended' with slander, mass hysteria and virtual book burnings. The fanatic is only fanatical because of their convulsive insecurities. 


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They are fanatics who can't deal with criticism/satire, and this is the primary reason why all cults run their smear campaigns, hate sites and book burnings mass hysteria vendettas. Not so deep down inside, the cult member does not actually believe the bullshit they are spewing.


If they did have sincere belief, they would not be bothered by criticism. There would be no siege mentality. As they would know their 'spiritual' beliefs were real. But they do not believe they are real, so they ATTACK psychotically anyone who calls them out. If they were genuinely secure in their belief package they wouldn't give a shit. It is really is that simple. Only insecurity breeds fanatics.

This leads us to why all cults are ultimately death cults. They have no choice in some ways. The endtime prophecy is about them hoping to die before they are called out on their bullshit and have to face the fact they were duped by a psychopathic charlatan who sold them a crock of 'spiritual' shit.


They were duped based on the inner core of parasites in the cult compound needing an extended enabler grunt network to keep the inner santum in their luxury and addictions inside their palatial residence.


The inner sanctum of the cult is always laughing at the outside members who are doing all the real work, but not enjoying the same perks that the core 'family' of the cult enjoys. This is a difficult realisation for the cult member to come to terms with. Especially if they consider themselve highly educated and not easily duped. It must be painful finding out you are just an educated idiot and nothing special afterall. So you ATTACK anyone who even remotely reminds you of what you really are.


Then after you have done your servile grunt work for the cult leader and their inner 'family' of lesuire and luxury, you get the superficial chemical bond of 'togetherness'. You did good! Here is a spiritual dog biscuit and a pat on the head. Even so, you are as disposable to the cult leader inner 'family' as all the other loyal grunts they disposed of before you... If you are not living in the compound, you are little more than a service provider.


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The cult leader creates a need in the cult member were they want to die, and the end of the world to come. Even if the predicted dates pass, the cult member hangs on for the next date. Because the cult member can find no truth worth living for. Just a childlike fantasy of salvation from imaginary magical sky fairies carried over into adulthood. 'This time the event wil happen!" Sure it will...


Only You Can Save Yourself

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New Age/Cosmic Sky Fairy Cults lead thousands of disappointed, emotionally and psychologically drained people to suicide - which is why these groups are all ultimately death cults.


It is only the group suicides which make the headlines. Most former members end their lives as lonely, despondent ex-cult devotees with a jar of sleeping pills long after the 'predictions' of ascension and great events which NEVER happened have come and gone. Their tragic, lonely end does not make the papers. The cult leaders who filled them with promises of SciFi-esque salvation and hopes are off looking for replacement idealistic and lost souls to plunder.


Never EVER Join An Organisation Which Claims to Have Special Knowledge Derived from Off-Planet Beings or Other Non-Earthly Sources.


You Will Only Live to Deeply Regret Getting Involved. Everything from Your Relationships, Career Prospects to How Your Friends and Family Relate to You Will Be Damaged Permanently by Association with Cults and Off-Planet Contactee Groups which Make Predictions which Never Come to Pass.


You Deserve Better.

Smear Campaigns: The Value of Keeping Your Mouth Shut.

"The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."- Tom Baker aka Dr Who


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Your inaction speaks louder than words when dealing with psychopaths and other collectives under the control of a pathological structure. They'll further expose themselves to the world with their smear campaigns. You must remain silent. Psychopaths - and their histrionic moron enablers - have trouble putting the brakes on when they start attacking you. They are betting you'll sink to the same rathole level as them.
The psychopaths want you to fight back as it creates confusion in the minds of neutral observers. If you keep your mouth shut, or better still, stay out of sight for a while they will provide others with all the proof they need that's it's not you who is what they are claiming you are - but them. Keep your mouth shut and let them show the world their true nature.


All they achieve in the end, is an expanded collection of vile scumbags as rotten as they are. Decent people are not into this industrial-level smearing bullshit. Even if they stupidly get caught up early on in the feeding frenzy, they find it quickly toxic and emotionally draining. The only types who keep it going are the ones who adore every moment of the wild, psychotic, hysteria as it is the only reason they actually know they are alive.
They will just go lower and more vicious until they are advertising their own dysfunctional state to every neutral observer. Your job is to assist them in their public self-destruction with NCEA. Psychopaths are not aware that healthy and socially adjusted people view smear campaigns with suspicion. Because a psychopath has no decency, they make the fatal mistake of thinking this is how others behave. Hysterical and unstable types might fall for the smear campaign initially - but these types tend to lose interest and get bored. Everyone else, after their initial confusion, eventually comes to see that the socially abnormal vindictiveness, hysteria and paranioa is only coming from the pathological side. Decent and intelligent people will be able to see the truth more clearly if you remain silent and the psychopaths/unstable types are doing all the smearing.


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Do not feed their pathology. Starve it with silence. Expose it with apathy.

Thought Reform, or Mind Control

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Rollo May in his book The Courage to Create states that the reactive harshness is conclusive proof that the cult member/radical does not actually believe the opinions they are willing to destroy others in order to defend. The psychopathic cult leader will however encourage this fanaticism in members and then 'gaslight' them later to imply the cult member went 'too far' even though they were following the instructions of the psychopathic cult leader. This modus is also common in criminal gangs when a low-level grunt is to be sacrificed as an example to the others.



Courtesy of Daniel Shaw, C.S.W. Psychoanalyst


Thought reform, or mind control, is another important component in understanding why cults are so prevalent in our society. The psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton (1987) studied the methods used by the Chinese Communists during the Korean War to turn war prisoners into willing accomplices, and called these methods thought reform (see also Hinkle and Wolff, 1976; Schein, 1956; Singer, 1979).


Thought Reform (also known as mind control) is the foundation on which cults are built. Lifton identified 8 phenomena that were present in the systems of "ideological totalism" that he studied, all of which can be found in cults:


Milieu Control – control of communication within an environment. Maintained primarily by increasingly isolating members from non-members, this sets up what Lifton calls "personal closure." One is constantly receiving reinforcement to suppress personal doubts and struggles about what is true or real;


Mystical Manipulation, or Planned Spontaneity – a systematic process, covertly planned and managed by the group leader, whereby others come to invest him with omniscience, omnipotence, or divine authority. This gives rise to the embrace of an "ends justify the means" philosophy, since the behavior and directives of the leader are always and only interpreted as having a divine origin and purpose;


Demand for Purity – the call for a radical separation of pure and impure, of good and evil, within an environment and within oneself. This creates a world of guilt and shame in which devotees become obsessively preoccupied with hope of reward and fear of punishment;


Cult of Confession – linked to the demand for purity. Required confession sessions, ostensibly for the purpose of purification and spiritual evolution, manipulate the guilt and shame mechanisms of followers, expose them totally to the group, and deepen their sense of being owned by the group;


Sacred Science – a set of dogmatic principles which claim to be a science embodying the truth about human behavior and human psychology. These principles must never be questioned, and all experience must be filtered through them;


Loading the Language – reduction and distortion of complex concepts, thoughts, and feelings to simplistic cliches and slogans, which are used to still and limit mental processes of judgment and critical thinking;


Doctrine Over Person – one is made to feel that doubts of the doctrine are a reflection of one's own inadequacies, defects, or sins. The dogma is truth, and one's subjective experience must be aligned with the dogma. To do otherwise is to risk exclusion from the group. Since the doctrine is created to serve the purposes of the sociopathic leader, followers must split off or dissociate parts of themselves, and jettison their own values, to justify actions or tenets of the leader which would otherwise be intolerable to them.


Dispensing of Existence – in the totalist vision of truth, one who disobeys, or deviates from the dogma, is false, deluded, or evil, and therefore instantly dispensable. The leaders are the judge of who is deviant, and can change their criteria at whim. Cults use the fear of banishment and shunning to control and contain members. To fear rejection by one's absolute ideal is tantamount to the profound dread of annihilation.


(See also Singer and Ofshe, 1990; Tobias et al. For other theories of social control relevant to cults, see Festinger, 1964; Gramsci, 1973; Zimbardo, 1988.)

Want Mind Control? Get Gurdjieff.


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George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, the Greek-Armenian mystic, was born in Alexandropoulos (1866), in what was then a part of Imperial Russia, and became the popular spiritual mystic and guru who developed a system of pathological religious mind control which has surpassed even that of the Thugs sect in India in its ability to create crazed, mindless fanatics under the control of an authoritarian leadership. If you want to start a cult which will result in absolute and complete psychological control over people, then Gurdjieff is your only man. He is the Mac Daddy of Mental Mash-Ups.

‘The Method’ is the perfect system of attaining stewardship over the consciousness of lost souls, and especially educated idiots. The entire ‘means justifies the end’ nature of Gurdjieff’s mind control techniques makes it especially suited to the kind of hapless individual who bounces from one ‘answer’ to the next as they roll aimlessly through a psycho-spiritual rollercoaster of moving from, say, ‘Pagan‘ (ahem), to Buddhism to Born Again Christian cults, on towards Gurdjieff flying saucer and political mind control cults.  Gurdjieff Union Station is often the final destination on their journey towards ’enlightenment’, and which leads them into complete and total psychological servitude under the cult leaders who are utilising the Gurdjieff system of mental incarceration, espionage, hysterical paranoia-inducing imaginary horrors, along with psychological and behavioural modification terror techniques.

Gurdjieff cults always come with clandestine love bombing and data gathering, witch hunts, attack swarming on ‘enemies’ and naturally, a psychotic and hysterical devotion to the cult leadership. This is due to the fact that the cult member has ‘finally found’ the one thing they always longed for their entire lives: a system where all the thinking is done for them, all the orders are given to them and they seek to defend their mental slavery, as this is what they have always desired. In many ways, the parallel between National Socialism and Gurdjieff cults is hardly surprising, as various forms of “Lesser Humans” (spiritual or otherwise) are classified, measured, then evaluated and given up as enemies and ‘inferiors’ for the mindless Gurdjieff fanatics to devote themselves to hating and attacking in order to prove their devotion.

Gurdjieff was the Isambard Kingdom Brunel of mind control. His ‘Fourth Way’ concept was brilliantly engineered to allow future cult leaders to scoop out the last remaining vestiges of personality out of these cult members and refill this void with all the pathology, hysteria and addictions of the cult leaders themselves, in order to create battalions of ‘spiritual’ robots incapable of any form of independent thinking. In fact, an ability to not be able to think for oneself is worn as a badge of honour, and defended to the death by Gurdjieff cult fanatics. This is but one of the trademarks of their membership. They lack decency, empathy, altruism and compassion—yet constantly use these terms in the same way a psychopath uses terms such as ‘love‘. They are just window dressings and are without substance. The Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) brain states within Gurdjieff cult members results in that they actually believe that making statements such as “killing is wrong’ and then going on to kill is perfectly acceptable. The CIA and KGB have also used similar mind control systems to create ‘killbots’ during the Cold War.

Gurdjieff cults create Stepfords of the highest order; both male and female. The cult leaders put in a whole series of checks and balances so the mindless followers can’t be compromised into the horrors of independent thinking and free will. For example, they are told to stay away from their family and friends, eat strange diets and consider former close relationships to be ‘evil corrupting forces’ if those friends and family members—noticing the glazed-over ‘x-boxed’ vapid look on their faces—show care or compassion for the Gurdjieff cult member’s well being or question their newly found beliefs. Normally, these families and friends circles are aware that the cult member has previously demonstrated a history of being an emotionally damaged, gullible or spiritually voided type, who has fluttered from one absurd spiritual ‘solution’ to the next. But they notice something very disturbing and different when their friend or relative enters a Gurdjieff cult: they become paranoid and knowingly deceitful—taking part in wildly psychotic smear campaigns against people who never did them any personal harm—twisting and distorting the words and actions of others in order to copperfasten the entrenched mandates of the cult leadership in order to prove their worth. They also will have revealed their darkest secrets to the cult leaders during some crazy ritual and will know this ‘evidence‘ could be unleashed upon the world should the cult member dare to try and break free and move on. It’s evil beyond comprehension, dressed up as spiritual enlightenment.

The Gurdjieff-polluted mind control cult member is conditioned to see help, concern, humour and even love from a non-Gurdjieff cult member as being an attack, or a sign of pure evil. Their worldview is twisted and reversed. They no longer relate to the bulk of humanity, now seeing themselves as enlightened and superior, and living in constant fear of having their newly enlightened ’spiritual’ state being compromised or damaged by normal human interactions. As a result of this alienation from society, the cult compounds—both real and on the Internet—become their only abode. Lateral thinking is completely discarded, in much the same way a Gurdjieff mindless cult robot will also believe a mass swarming attack at the orders of their leader is proof of their individuality. Criticism is warfare, concerns are assaults and normal human behaviour is something to be avoided, as their whole behavioural and sociological paradigms are reversed, skewed and twisted by the flying saucer cults employing the Gurdjieff system of psychological alienation and annihilation. The Dissociative Identity Disorder science behind the ‘the Method’ is very effective in splitting minds into two partitions where one version of the cult member is not responsible for the actions of the other version.

None of this would have been possible without the vast array of mind control techniques Gurdjieff observed and compiled during his travels into the Pathological Empires of Religious Mind Control such as Tibet and the Central Asian feudal kingdoms of death and oppression, where social engineering, brutality and religious servitude are all one and the same thing. The lack of individuality within these cultures would have been noted by Gurdjieff (as it was later by the Nazis) as useful devices to control Westerners.

Gurdjieff’s ‘Way of the Sly Man’ was developed by him as a method of ‘quick fix’ spiritual enlightenment, which he knew would appeal to Westerners who wanted ‘instant results’ without all the years of challenging study and sacrifice. Perfect for cult leaders. However, this would be hidden in a bombardment of waffling word salad—developed by the modern Vedic cults—where millions of words and constant mental masturbation is unleashed to say absolutely nothing at all. Gurdjieff, the ‘sly’ man, would have also known that the mind control techniques of the Sufi cult, with its constant dancing, would have likewise removed doubts and concerns about the legitimacy and background history of the cult leader. Gurdjieff’s ‘Method’ thus became the blueprint for complete and total cultic mind control operations—both spiritual/flying saucer types and intelligence services (usually rooted in the same origins)—which has become the standard in the decades ever since.

There is no Gurdjieff cult which is safe. Once you enter, game over. They got you and they got you good. They are all based on hierarchal systems rooted in the destruction of the individual. Once inside these prisons of the mind, you may never escape, as your neurology is so totally rewired that you may never again re-find the person you once were; the one that the Gurdjieff cult leader told you was defective. That aspect of your humanity was perhaps the part of you that was meant to be embraced and worked with through your own individual understanding of yourself. You may have thrown your unappreciated gifts away to the ‘Sly Man’ from Alexandropoulos.