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Bring Back the Snakes

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My recent visits to megalithic sites in England has affected me deeply I have to say. Seeing Stonehenge from a hill at twilight, as well as being up close to Avebury, Silbury etc played a series of musical notes inside my psyche which had long been muted.

Apart from Tara, the megalithic sites of Ireland are completely and utterly energetically dead. They are just old rocks sticking up out of the ground now. They have no musical, nor harmonic pitch contained within them. Not sure why this is. Perhaps Ireland is spiritually dead? Something I've always felt living here. 

I have a theory that the reason why Tara is about the only site in Ireland that is alive is due to the motorway they built not too far from it. It focused people's attention on Tara again. Tara then came back to life.

These sites are like musical instruments - you have to play them the proper way in order to get a result.

We have to start retuning Irish sacred sites to the pitch they were once tuned too - by cherishing them and connecting with them personally. That's where we came from. If it is not fixed there, it can't be corrected anywhere further down the chain. We are a people badly damaged by misguided nationalism, sensationalism, commercialism, tribalism and a very cold, severe and rancid form of Roman Christianity.

Time to bring back the snakes.

Some Fucker's Son



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Can you make jokes about autism, abortion, homophobia, fluoride, capitalist psychos, state-backed violence, and the law? In March 2014, eight activists and author Thomas Sheridan convened in a retreat in Co. Wicklow to try just that.


Comedian Aidan Killian and spoken word artist Dave Rock, were charged with teaching them standup comedy for the weekend. They had until Monday night to prepare a full routine and perform it in front of a packed venue in Dublin. What they didn't know was that there was one among them with alterior motives. What unfolded became more than an insight into the mechanics of comedy, but into the nature of radical thinkers and the perceptions of those who doubt them.

Stand Up Comedy Event

I will be one of the stand-up acts organised by Aidan Killian under the banner of 'Stand Up for Humanity' at Whelans on Camden Street in Dublin on the 24th of March. Profits go to Autism. It's only 5 Euros in and great night of laughs and insight is promised.


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The Kingfisher's Song


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Are we robbing our entire species of the same when we discard other people are being 'away with the fairies'. Perhaps something far more profound is at work and the time has come for humanity as a whole to take the plunge into the realms of consciousness where the artist, shaman, seer, eccentric and savant are already familiar with. We have given the scientist, the politician and the banker due respect and power within this society and look around you? Is the world we reside in a place of happiness and security for all? Perhaps it's time for all of us to get a little crazy, we might rediscover something we lost a long time ago and start listening to the Kingfisher's song.

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The Untilled Soul - 'Madness', Creation and the Shamanic Potential

Van Gogh and William Blake would be medicated out of their creative insights if they were alive to day. Both of these artists were akin to what we call 'Shaman' ahead of their time. More importantly, we all have this same potential for playing our part in the liberation of the human psyche. MORE>>>

There is No Such Thing as Black or White Magic

When the Science and Art of magic is submerged under the miasma of moral subjectivity—borne out of spirituality and religion—elemental demonic forces begin to prey upon the priest class and aristocrats of the tribe by infecting the weakest psychic links among them. 



Thomas Channels A God

Live on radio too! I's the bestest Channeller I is!!!! MORE>>>