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Archons and Anarchy in the Ruins of Ballina Military Barracks


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From 1700 to 2013, a place were rebels come to pronounce their manifestos and be slaughtered. Be it by hanging, firing squads or parking charges. Still they come.


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Ancient stones impregnated with the subatomic screams of the ages. "Quick March!". Cavities filled with the sonic imprints of Captains and Whores. Isolated voices calling for mothers across the sea in England. Red coats, dead coats and howling dogs. Who feeds upon this anguish and longing now?


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Just a shortcut now, where teens smoke dope and once 'traitors' were suspended from ropes.


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The door to and from nowhere.


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Ghostly faces still reported here. Eyes of the Georgian and Victorian vistas still look and wonder why.


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The eyes of the Archons watch over all. From imperialism to capitalism, it surveys its bountiful crop.



Badb and The Valkyries - the War Goddesses of the North and West

This archetype was so powerful among the Irish and the Vikings in particular, that one can only imagine the intensity of the psychic and supernatural mind storm which took place on the eve of the Battle of Clontarf near Dublin on 23 April 1014, when a complex set of alliances formed of Irish and Norse warriors on both sides brought their archetypes of both the Badb and The Valkyries - into their combined and collective consciousnesses - as one enormous battle which took place not only on the battlefield itself, but also within the battlefield of each and every psyche present that day. 


Balor of the Evil Eye - The Sauron of the West?

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In the Irish mythological context, the story of Balor of the 'evil eye' takes on a more potent form in the eye of the giant Balor. His eye, which when opened in battle, acts as a type of weapon of mass destruction when used upon any opposing army. The comparison with the Eye of Sauron in JRR Tolkien's The Lord of Rings is readily apparent here. However, there are also deeper psychological undercurrents to the story of Balor, which we will look at...


Disturbing Visit to Lisheen House Ruins

Following reports that a ruined stately home not far from where I live was being used for ‘satanic’ rituals, I decided to check the location out. It takes a lot for me to be scared. However, Lisheen House had me leaving in a hurry. The building is literally saturated with a sense of foreboding and dread. I have not before experience anything like this. The walls were almost aggressive in their nature. While I was there I could hear bricks and other debris falling from the high walls to the ground below as if they were being hurled at me. I laughed at first assuming it was teenagers having a joke. It’s wasn’t - Lisheen House is a place of evil in every sense of the word.

The former home of William Phibbs, the ruins of Lisheen House stand on the outskirts of Strandhill, County Sligo overlooking Ballysadare Bay. The building was once used to house a huge collection of esoteric artefacts allegedly brought out during ‘rituals’ which took place in the ‘long gallery’ on the first floor, including Egyptian mummies, swords and daggers which were collected by Owen Phibbs. The house was vacated in 1938 - if local rumour is to be believed - when a coach brought ‘the Devil’ to the front door one evening. Following this unexpected visitor the house was then subjected to intense poltergeist activity (confirmed and well documented) as objects and even furniture was being constantly smashed every night. After all the staff had resigned and the family could find no one to work there due to the supernatural events taking place, the house was sold in 1938 and given to the entities which now occupy the ruin.

Take notice of the strange graffiti and images on the walls left by the ‘Satanists’ - the building literally reeks of demonic and archontic energies.


The Demonic Residence at Lisheen House:


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Kneel and Pray Among the Dead of Tulsk


Babylonians believed that spirits came down in the rain and entered inanimate and living things through the soil. During most of the chronological time-frame of Sumerian culture, the gods were the demons—there was no distinction. Depictions of them were represented in many varying anthropomorphic grotesques: winged bulls or lions with human heads, a serpent's head, a body covered with scales, the fore legs of a lion, hind legs of an eagle, and a reptilian lower body.

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According to Morris Jastrow's Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, these demons lurked in remote or hidden places such as graves, mountain tops and in the shadows of ruins. They would go out at night, enter homes through holes and crevices, and torture their victims. They were responsible for anything bad that happened—from destructive winds, pestilent fevers and disease to headaches, petty quarrels, hatred and jealousy.


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Among these demons was the Alu—a translation of the Sumerian 'Gallu' (French: gargouille = gargoyle?) which means 'tempest.'


Alu were half humans and half animals that roamed the streets hiding in dark corners. This description is highly significant when we compare the nature of the Alu demon to that of the gargoyle effigies. Here are mythological creatures who are half animals and half human which roam the streets,  hidden in dark corners. There is also a strong correlation between the alleged practical function of the gargoyle and certain Babylonian ceremonies involving demonic figurines and water. Babylonian temples were essentially temples of demons; supernatural beings having entered into graven images or blocks of stone.

Most Detailed Alien Photo Yet?

Sometimes, we witness things with our own eyes which change our very fundamental reality and how we percieve it.


The whole game of life changes...the truth is up there.


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When what we see before our eyes can't be denied. The shape, the form, the cold black non air-breathing eyes staring right at you. These creatures surrounding you. Looking down on you. You looking back up at them.

Then when you can pick up your camera phone and you take a photo and the image is real. The image is the same as what you witnessed with your own eyes. The truth can no longer be denied.


Then it dawned on me - a fish mural is probably not that unusual in a seafood restaurant.


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Let this be a lesson to people inclined to believe in the spectacular bullshit of the alien channeling cults, the New Age flying saucer religions and the 'believers' in 'genuine' alien corpses that it's very easy to fool anyone's consciousness. Using the right language and selective views. Truth and  >>> FALSE FLAG PROOF!!! <<< in a video title are not always the same thing either.


There are also they who will present these 'perceptions' who will give you hope where there in none, and 'truth' were their is only fairground-style illusions. From 'real' aliens to Virgin Mary oil stains in a WalMart parking lot.

What you see and experience with your own five sense right in front of you is about the only 'reality' you can trust and even that is subjective. Often then, we put preformed and exterior cultural labels and contemporary 'understandings' upon them.


The truth is in you and not 'out there'.


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Wood Quay, Dublin and Discovering My Viking Heritage

Looking back now, I honestly had no idea why I was even at the march, or what forced me to nervously walk - with thousands of strangers around me - so as to defend a muddy hole in the ground filled with excited college students holding a trowel in one hand, and an unearthed coin in the other? Alongside me in the march to save Wood Quay were housewives with their children in hand, bearded, tweed-encrusted academics and every other type of person one could possible imagine in between. Pipe smoke was as heavy in the air that day as songs and chants. This was a time when Irish college professors still mingled with unemployed brick layers and respected their combined passion to do the right thing. MORE>>>