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'Welcome to the Machine' Interview

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Thomas Sheridan in an new interview with Cheryl Smale. Thomas talks about his approach to art and creativity, along with his use of the tarot in developing creativity and psychological insight. HERE >>> 

Alan Watt and Thomas Sheridan Discussion

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The much anticipiated meeting of Thomas Sheridan and Alan Watt to discuss their ideas and insights can be listened to HERE >>>

Concepts of Evil from a Literary Perspective

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"The Bohemian Beat - Ep339- Concept of Evil - In this episode Riddhi features an interview with Irish writer and artist Thomas Sheridan. Exploring the concept of 'evil' from a literary perspective." HERE>>>


Creative Anarchy and Moon Lodges

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Recipe for Anarchy is a place to share our recipes for self-rule.  To hard-core activist, it might seem paltry to be writing about what we're having for dinner, or how to make a good healing pot of homemade chicken soup.

For us though, at the end of the day, we don't want to be relying on a name brand, sodium filled, BPA lined can of toxic chicken soup.  Being able to create my own soup, with chicken from a trusted farmer, using clean spring water we collect locally and vegetables we have grown, to us, that is freedom.  


Being able to heal our family without going to the pharmacy, that's freedom.  Of course there is more to it at the macro-level.  We can only truly work at the micro-level and that is to realize it all begins with us as individuals, then our families and communities. HERE >>>



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The Moon Lodge was created out of the need to share real information to heal women and to separate ourselves from the false narrative about our bodies.This is a place to support each other in our research and self discovery and gain mutual healing while reacquainting ourselves to the sacredness of our bodies.

Debut show New Moon, Tuesday, January 20, 2015 8-10 pm EST1-3 am GMT

…isteach Workshop Review

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Thomas Sheridan had us captivated from the moment we read the title of the workshop when we registered. He began by sharing his story of growing up in Ballymun and his time spent working as a freelance graphic designer on Wall St, assisting the corporate elite in their visual propaganda campaigns. Whilst spending time in these Ivory Towers of Capitalism he had his first encounter with a psychopath, a colleague. This began his studious fascination into the nature of psychopathy, more as a means of surviving the pernicious effect they had on the workplace than anything else.


His presentation began with an overview of the current disillusioned state of our modern society.  He pointed to an obvious symptom of our spiritual vacuum which is a great hunger to be a part of something significant and meaningful. He wove the tale of modern man in such as way that he painted a very clear picture of how the opportunistic psychopath can set themselves up as some type of New Age guru or Cult leader to lure and exploit those who are vulnerable, needy or desperate. Sounds apocalyptic, but this is a very real sub-culture that Thomas has had first -hand experience of.  It was a sobering workshop which really pulled apart any cosy denial I had as regards ‘these types’ of people and their existence. From the point of view of our work, his recounting of victims stories was very valuable.


Due to his blog “Labyrinth of the Psychopath” and his subsequent book of the same name, he has received countless letters from those who have crossed paths with the psychopath. The most striking characteristic of the psychopath is the capacity to create a new personality for each victim they seduce. Having no personality structure of their own, they can feign empathy and garner information from which they can construct a persona to fulfil their victims’ unconscious needs. He spoke about the need for us as individuals to trust our intuition, to develop a psychological “firewall” of rationality and instinct, along with a knowledge of our own shadow and our unmet needs; that will alert us to the conniving manipulations of those who would do us harm whilst charming us and making us feel like we are perched on a distinguished pedestal. Only to eventually drop us, empty and broken, when they have taken everything they could.The workshop was too rich too convey in this brief review.


Thomas covered historical, ethnographic, philosophical and artistic contexts of psychopathy and warped spirituality. It was a stimulating, frightening and in a strange way, comforting experience. As long as one knows what the devils disguise is, one can retreat with subtle haste and relief. And if one is not so fortunate to escape an encounter unscathed, one can trust there are psychotherapists who will believe your disclosure of the trauma they wreaked. Because until this workshop I would have struggled to believe such people moved among us. 

Éisteach Magazine is the National Publication for the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Facebook Update

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As you may know, a major part of my work is exposing and sharing information pretaining to psychopathic cult leaders, serial killers on the loose, death cults; both comet/flying saucer types as well as Neo-Nazi mind control cults.   


In order to protect the privacy of people on my Facebook friends list, I have to deactivated my account every so often when a Neo-Nazi or Comet Death Cult leader issues an Internet fatwah on me.


The hysterical and unstable fanatics - in an attempt to serve their leader - either by proving how much they hate Jews, or wanting to be saved by ascending to another dimension/planet when the 'comet cluster' arrive, begin compiling dossiers on my Facebook friends in order to attack them to get back at me.  


Therefore, in the interest of my Facebook friend's safety from the wildfire mass hysteria of these cult fanatics, I have to occasionally deactivate my Facebook account now and again to protect people's privacy and safety.


Hope you understand this is a safety precaution to protect innocent folks. Thanks. 

Hot Press Magazine

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"Fluoride could be the most negative and damaging issue since the Catholic abuse scandal." says Thomas Sheridan in this week's Hot Press magazine.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, previous anti fluoride campaigner Dr Don McAuley, began to gather information about water fluoridation in Ireland. Result. He received several warnings from senior dentists in the Health Board to drop his investigation. When he refused to stop he lost his job. Buy this week's Hot Press magazine to read about the massive cover up by the Irish Food Safety authority, reports that went conveniently missing, and the grants Irish dentists received to support the water fluoridation policy. Read it and weep. And then ask yourself why there is no outrage?

Please Support The Girl Against Fluoride campaign HERE>>>

Interview on Spy Culture
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Thomas Sheridan interviewed by Tom Secker on his podcast.
Topics include: defining socialism compared to human decency...cults within the alternative movement...the upper middle class and silver spoon nature of the Social Workers Party...the Russell Brand backlash...why Thomas is still a liberal at heart and pro-choice/Gay marriage...mental illness and extreme fanatics destroying the alternative movement from within...the Spectacular Society, cult of personality, being subjected to a hate and on-line gang stalking campaign run by cult members and their enablers on a 'recovery' forum...details of the new book Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919 - 1933 and working as a stand-up comic for creating social change.

ClandesTime episode 026 – Is the Truth Movement a Cult?

Joining me to discuss this question is Thomas Sheridan, an artist, philosopher, comedian and author of several books.  We talked about the cultish tendencies in the truth movement and other radical or protest movements and discussed Thomas’s reasons for taking a break from the alternative media and his treatment at the hands of fanatical supporters of cult of personality leaders.  We analysed the authoritarian mentality behind this sort of behaviour and what we can do to combat this. 

Interview with Ashling Fitzgibbon

I join Aisling for a mind shifting conversation where we catch up on the stage of consciousness we are at currently and the journey that lead us to here.

HERE >>>

Jack Roberts Interview

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In order to celebrate the release of his new book, I interviewed Jack Roberts who, along with Martin Brennan in the late 1970s and early 1980s, revolutionised research into Irish megalithic sites and Neolithic rock art in Ireland.


I was very nervous doing this interview, as Jack has no idea how highly I regard his work, art and books. So here it is...the end result for your enjoyment. Believe me, it is worth it.



tags: Ireland, Neolithic, Round Towers, Sheela Na Gig, Druids, Newgrange, Rathcrogan, Knowth, Mythology, Tara, Archeoastronomy, Cave Art

Major Feature in Hot Press Magazine

In the February 2014 edition of Hot Press Magazine (Ireland's most popular selling cultural and current issues magazine) Thomas Sheridan work on psychopathology - in relation to the water fluoridation issue - is brought to light in an article by Adrienne Murphy with the photo by Terrie Burton. Ms Murphy was one of the nominees for the Irish Journalist of the Year Award in 2013 for her work on the Fluoride scandal in Irish drinking water and has been heavily involved in highlighting the work of the Girl Against Fluoride Campaign.


The two page article is also an excellent primer into the nature of pathological structures and how they can manifest into entire root-and-branch psychopathic and proto-psychopathic policy decisions flying in the face of common sense and the public interest. Highlighting Thomas' books and work into not only psychopathology, but also social engineering and the growth of doomsday cults within the alternative movement the magazine is currently on sale now.


My Facebook Page

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Please understand that I am not a member of the 'Truth' Movement. I am an artist and author with a regular job at the weekends. However, my work is popular among people in that scene which I am grateful for their support. Mainly my work is about anything which makes life more interesting and less stressful - which also includes outrageous humour. 


I agree with the Nietzschean idea that the absolute Truth is unattainable and that all language is ultimately metaphor. Therefore, one person's 'Truth' can easily be another person 'Lie' and I am not interested in suffering for semantics.

RULE 1: Don't be a dick to my personal friends on Facebook.
RULE 2: Slagging me off is welcome once you are not personal.
RULE 3: Be entertaining if possible.
RULE 4: No Death Cult members. You will miss the Comet Clusters anyway.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Attention Impulsive Unfrienders. Do not try and resend me another Friends Request after your psychotic episode over something I said has passed.

I do not want unstable and emotionally unwell people on here having nervous breakdowns over nothing. That's what psychiatric outpatient facilities, Cults and backstage at X-Factor is for. Stay where you're best suited.


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Nazi Sympathy and Racism in Alt Media, Roundtable Discussion

This is a special roundtable discussion featuring Thomas Sheridan, Tom Secker, and Adam of Themes and Memes. Aaron Franz hosts, and the topic at hand is the rise of Race Politics in the alternative media. Why is it that alt media has taken such a dark turn, and what can the rest of us do about it?


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topics include: racism, alternative, Truth Movement, psychology, frustration, psychic energy, Russell Brand, Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, midlife crisis, no resolution, masculine and feminine, dialectic, far right politics, Nazi Sympathy, revisionist history, personal values, obsession with disaster, sincerity, drug addiction, White Nationalism, division, mainstream recognition, self destruction, complexity, human nature, dogma, simple identity, reassessing self, need to belong, extended adolescence, The Greatest Story Never Told, emotive music, Hallmark commercial for Third Reich, Transformers score, WW2, narrative, Stalingrad, German people, Poland, distorted logic, truth documentaries, futurism, Nazi flying saucers, Nazi Bell, propaganda, Goebbels, taking allegory as literal, cults, ideals, synchronicity, Walpurgis Night, confronting history, ideological vacuum, idealizing the past, virility, doublethink, confusion, Nuremburg Racial Laws, play the victim, race politics, slavery, preserving culture, multiculturalism, cultural laws, authoritarian government, complexity, sectarianism, Downfall film

New Compilation LP Featuring The Children's Zoo

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Black Scorpio Records have released Dark New York (Gotham City's Post Punk, Goth, & Deathrock Bands 1983-1988) Vol. 1 which features my old band The Children's Zoo. HERE...

New Thomas Sheridan Video Archives

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Rare, older and previously archived videos and interviews can now be found at:

Capricorn TV HERE >>>

New Symbols Media HERE >>>