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2015 Thomas Sheridan Art Calendar

Includes Lunar Cycles and Important Celtic/Gaelic, Nordic, First Nation, Slavic and Anglo Saxon Fest Days. Excellent print quality with Thomas Sheridan's 'Dreamscapes' and Irish-inspired Landscape/Seascapes artwork as a mixture of full page and montage displays.




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Christina Quigley and A Great Intention



American 'Gunslinger Poet' Christina Quigley wrote the following poem after viewing my painting A Great Intention (2009):


Main Images: great_intention_w1.jpg




Intention Leads To

Not knowing which way
the branches will bend.
Examples include: watering seeds,
needing affirmations, but not
thinking about the flow of water
in arteries and veins
over lights and pain.
Never what you hoped for.


© 2013 C.L. Quigley



You can enjoy more of Christina's talent HERE...

David Bowie...

...was one of the reasons why life could never be total shit.

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Ireland Under Austerity - Artwork

"IMF Bosses Delighted with Austerity Measures Imposed by Government."


Main Images: austerity.jpg


I started this piece after a visit to Roslyn Chapel in October 2012. As I began to complete the work, it dawned on me that what I was really creating was a socio-economic report on my own country Ireland which was/is being subjected to increasingly Draconian 'Austerity' measures. As time went on, it became clear to me, that the purpose of Austerity in Ireland is a kind of protection racket foisted upon the lower and middle classes in order to keep the politicians, bankers, property developers and union leaders (all equally responsible for the economic collapse) from going to prison for negligent economic policies, and in some cases clear-cut corruption.


Main Images: austerity_2.jpg


The legless solider in the center - 'The EU Vassal State Trooper' - represents the Irish political, social and media elite classes all protecting the bankers and politicians. Behind this impotent deceiver is a representation of the triskle spirals found on Newgrange and other Irish megalithic sites. They are destroying our Irishness in order to imprison us within a Globalist Protection Racket.


Main Images: austerity_3.jpg


The images of death and decay are indicative of the effectiveness of their 'Austerity Measures' - trying to kill us off via emigration and poor public services - so we do not form a collective body who will topple their self-serving and psychopathic agenda. The Gargoyles on either side of the EU Vassal State Trooper are named: 'RTE' and 'FLUORIDE'.
The piece is Mixed Media is 24 inches high by 18 inches wide, and if you want to make me an offer to purchase it, or would like to borrow the piece for exhibition, then please contact me here >>>

Pentagram in a Pint Glass


Main Images: thomas_sheridan_artist_pentagram_glass.jpg


This was barely visable at the bottom of a Stella Artois beer glass. I managed to get this photo by holding an LED flashlight below and taking a photo.

Two Poetry Books by Mary E. Lohan


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This is a collaboration between myself and New York poet Mary E. Lohan. Click on the graphic above for more information.


"Speaking to the Darkness" is a collection of personal poems, some of which highlight the trials of chaotic relationships.


"Two of Cups" is a collection of poems written about love found and lost in Galway, Ireland. With full colour interior illustrations.


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