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Want Mind Control? Get Gurdjieff.


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George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, the Greek-Armenian mystic, was born in Alexandropoulos (1866), in what was then a part of Imperial Russia, and became the popular spiritual mystic and guru who developed a system of pathological religious mind control which has surpassed even that of the Thugs sect in India in its ability to create crazed, mindless fanatics under the control of an authoritarian leadership. If you want to start a cult which will result in absolute and complete psychological control over people, then Gurdjieff is your only man. He is the Mac Daddy of Mental Mash-Ups.

‘The Method’ is the perfect system of attaining stewardship over the consciousness of lost souls, and especially educated idiots. The entire ‘means justifies the end’ nature of Gurdjieff’s mind control techniques makes it especially suited to the kind of hapless individual who bounces from one ‘answer’ to the next as they roll aimlessly through a psycho-spiritual rollercoaster of moving from, say, ‘Pagan‘ (ahem), to Buddhism to Born Again Christian cults, on towards Gurdjieff flying saucer and political mind control cults.  Gurdjieff Union Station is often the final destination on their journey towards ’enlightenment’, and which leads them into complete and total psychological servitude under the cult leaders who are utilising the Gurdjieff system of mental incarceration, espionage, hysterical paranoia-inducing imaginary horrors, along with psychological and behavioural modification terror techniques.

Gurdjieff cults always come with clandestine love bombing and data gathering, witch hunts, attack swarming on ‘enemies’ and naturally, a psychotic and hysterical devotion to the cult leadership. This is due to the fact that the cult member has ‘finally found’ the one thing they always longed for their entire lives: a system where all the thinking is done for them, all the orders are given to them and they seek to defend their mental slavery, as this is what they have always desired. In many ways, the parallel between National Socialism and Gurdjieff cults is hardly surprising, as various forms of “Lesser Humans” (spiritual or otherwise) are classified, measured, then evaluated and given up as enemies and ‘inferiors’ for the mindless Gurdjieff fanatics to devote themselves to hating and attacking in order to prove their devotion.

Gurdjieff was the Isambard Kingdom Brunel of mind control. His ‘Fourth Way’ concept was brilliantly engineered to allow future cult leaders to scoop out the last remaining vestiges of personality out of these cult members and refill this void with all the pathology, hysteria and addictions of the cult leaders themselves, in order to create battalions of ‘spiritual’ robots incapable of any form of independent thinking. In fact, an ability to not be able to think for oneself is worn as a badge of honour, and defended to the death by Gurdjieff cult fanatics. This is but one of the trademarks of their membership. They lack decency, empathy, altruism and compassion—yet constantly use these terms in the same way a psychopath uses terms such as ‘love‘. They are just window dressings and are without substance. The Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) brain states within Gurdjieff cult members results in that they actually believe that making statements such as “killing is wrong’ and then going on to kill is perfectly acceptable. The CIA and KGB have also used similar mind control systems to create ‘killbots’ during the Cold War.

Gurdjieff cults create Stepfords of the highest order; both male and female. The cult leaders put in a whole series of checks and balances so the mindless followers can’t be compromised into the horrors of independent thinking and free will. For example, they are told to stay away from their family and friends, eat strange diets and consider former close relationships to be ‘evil corrupting forces’ if those friends and family members—noticing the glazed-over ‘x-boxed’ vapid look on their faces—show care or compassion for the Gurdjieff cult member’s well being or question their newly found beliefs. Normally, these families and friends circles are aware that the cult member has previously demonstrated a history of being an emotionally damaged, gullible or spiritually voided type, who has fluttered from one absurd spiritual ‘solution’ to the next. But they notice something very disturbing and different when their friend or relative enters a Gurdjieff cult: they become paranoid and knowingly deceitful—taking part in wildly psychotic smear campaigns against people who never did them any personal harm—twisting and distorting the words and actions of others in order to copperfasten the entrenched mandates of the cult leadership in order to prove their worth. They also will have revealed their darkest secrets to the cult leaders during some crazy ritual and will know this ‘evidence‘ could be unleashed upon the world should the cult member dare to try and break free and move on. It’s evil beyond comprehension, dressed up as spiritual enlightenment.

The Gurdjieff-polluted mind control cult member is conditioned to see help, concern, humour and even love from a non-Gurdjieff cult member as being an attack, or a sign of pure evil. Their worldview is twisted and reversed. They no longer relate to the bulk of humanity, now seeing themselves as enlightened and superior, and living in constant fear of having their newly enlightened ’spiritual’ state being compromised or damaged by normal human interactions. As a result of this alienation from society, the cult compounds—both real and on the Internet—become their only abode. Lateral thinking is completely discarded, in much the same way a Gurdjieff mindless cult robot will also believe a mass swarming attack at the orders of their leader is proof of their individuality. Criticism is warfare, concerns are assaults and normal human behaviour is something to be avoided, as their whole behavioural and sociological paradigms are reversed, skewed and twisted by the flying saucer cults employing the Gurdjieff system of psychological alienation and annihilation. The Dissociative Identity Disorder science behind the ‘the Method’ is very effective in splitting minds into two partitions where one version of the cult member is not responsible for the actions of the other version.

None of this would have been possible without the vast array of mind control techniques Gurdjieff observed and compiled during his travels into the Pathological Empires of Religious Mind Control such as Tibet and the Central Asian feudal kingdoms of death and oppression, where social engineering, brutality and religious servitude are all one and the same thing. The lack of individuality within these cultures would have been noted by Gurdjieff (as it was later by the Nazis) as useful devices to control Westerners.

Gurdjieff’s ‘Way of the Sly Man’ was developed by him as a method of ‘quick fix’ spiritual enlightenment, which he knew would appeal to Westerners who wanted ‘instant results’ without all the years of challenging study and sacrifice. Perfect for cult leaders. However, this would be hidden in a bombardment of waffling word salad—developed by the modern Vedic cults—where millions of words and constant mental masturbation is unleashed to say absolutely nothing at all. Gurdjieff, the ‘sly’ man, would have also known that the mind control techniques of the Sufi cult, with its constant dancing, would have likewise removed doubts and concerns about the legitimacy and background history of the cult leader. Gurdjieff’s ‘Method’ thus became the blueprint for complete and total cultic mind control operations—both spiritual/flying saucer types and intelligence services (usually rooted in the same origins)—which has become the standard in the decades ever since.

There is no Gurdjieff cult which is safe. Once you enter, game over. They got you and they got you good. They are all based on hierarchal systems rooted in the destruction of the individual. Once inside these prisons of the mind, you may never escape, as your neurology is so totally rewired that you may never again re-find the person you once were; the one that the Gurdjieff cult leader told you was defective. That aspect of your humanity was perhaps the part of you that was meant to be embraced and worked with through your own individual understanding of yourself. You may have thrown your unappreciated gifts away to the ‘Sly Man’ from Alexandropoulos.