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Hardwired Never to Say Sorry


No matter what, you will never get a genuine psychopath to say 'sorry' directly to the person they damaged, ever. They will go to absolutely extraordinary lengths to not give an apology. They are hard-wired not to do it. They literally can't issue an apology. You might get. "sorry you are upset" or "sorry you are feeling this way." - these are not apologies. These diversions are putting the problem back onto you.

The reason for this is the psychopath's persona-switching. The present version of the psychopath is not accountable for the current persona. It's not capable of saying sorry, as the old version of the psychopath is the one is (technically, at the very most) responsible and not the one presently inside the psychopath whom you are looking for an apology, remorse, understanding, culpability from. Will never, ever happen. Never. You are asking for a shark to go vegetarian and expecting it. Don't waste your energy trying - move on with you life and be glad they are out of it forever.


Which is why Governments, Organised Religions and Banks function without remorse or common decency. It's never their fault. It's always the fault of the ones they target and the targets are always the ones who are made to pay for the evils of the psychopaths and the psychopathic institutions.