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Puppeteers and Automatons
Before you start calling everyone whoever pissed you off, or failed to indulge your whims a "psychopath", please check to see if you are not a hysterical psychotic first.

If so, the bus back to the Middle Ages will be along shortly to collect you.

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It is becoming noticeable that more and more people are developing a kind of 'Internet intelligence' - in regards to the information presented to them on the web - in such a way that is unique in human social and media development. There are still plenty who are hysterical and believe all they read, but the more rational ones develop a neutral relationship with the Internet and come to realise - almost on an intuitive level - if the information presented is that of demented irrational minds driven by their own neurosis, or the words of credible and decent people. 
No need to regulate the Internet or curtail freedom of speech. The Internet is still in very early embryonic stages and it's a mountain of both shit and gold all mixed in together. People are developing new cognitive skill sets to distinguish between the shit and the gold and the shit will eventually vanish into obscurity over time. The human knowledge tree has always evolved along these lines. Wisdom is a progressive force of nature and all the hype and hysteria will never smoother this. 
In fact, you can see this emerging 'Internet Intelligence' within the alternative world. The more paranoid and stark raving bonkers conspiracy news sites are losing readership as people grow up and move on. The individuals and organisations behind these sites can't evolve, as they are not wired too. All they understand is paranoia and hysteria. Their own extinction will be their quarry. They gorge on the fears and energy of others. People in the alternative scene are no longer allowing themselves to be their food. 

Individuals who partake in Internet witch hunts in the modern era are no more 'enlightened' and 'awake' than the uneducated and fearful peasantry of the Middle Ages were during past witch hunts, and these people today are driven by the same ignorance and superstitions as their ancestors were back then.  
They are still no more capable of measured thinking and restrained critical thought processes than a plague-ravaged serf would of been capable of doing 800 years ago, or indeed 100 years ago. The same personality types are still with us and the pathological leaders are eager to manipulate and whip up these easily-led types up into witch hunts for their own benefit are as busy as ever. MORE...



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