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Workplace/Organisational Bully and Boss Psychopaths

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A workplace psychopathic bully is my only direct experience with psychopaths - I can say for sure - was finding myself dealing 100% with the full-blown specimens (I am not one of these hysterical psychotics seeing 'psychopaths' everywhere). As one's ability to actually survive is in jeopardy, it is also one of the most traumatic and difficult situations to deal with.


The overwhelming number of people who contact me with sincere psychopathic abuse stories are women who are, or have been bullied by psychopathic females in groups, or in the workplace. I do occasionally also get men contacting me with the same trauma. So, typical of the entire psychopathic spectrum, the male and female psychopaths continue to cause mayhem and misery in the workplace resulting in countless millions in lost productivity and loss of good employees. How many are driven to suicide in this silent holocaust we'll never know for sure. Forget about going to human resources, as from my own experience, the biggest psychopaths of all in the workplace are HR managers and consultants as they are effectively 'spies' for the psychopaths in upper management.


From the plush downtown office boardrooms to the factory floor and into the clubs and churches; I covered the workplace bullying psychopath in depth with my books Puzzling People and Defeated Demons. HERE >>>