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An Experience Like No Other...




One can tell who has been a genuine victim of a psychopathic abuse situation. You feel the intensity of their broken soul and it can bring you to tears just watching how these people look down when they talk, and their overall lack of energy. They are filled with a kind of paralysing heartbreak and muted deep trauma and are not obsessed with hatred and revenge. They won't spend their time on their alleged abuser's social networking page making fun of photos of the new life without them. They find it too painful to even look. The genuine victim won't transfer their own frustrations and unresolved pointless vendetta onto another useful target when their initial object of hate pays them no attention. The genuine victim wants to forget and just restore themselves and seek to understand this experience and what they can learn from it. Then, and only then, can meaningful recovery be attained.

In his books and lectures, Thomas Sheridan outlines - in layman and direct language - what the psychopathic personality is precisely, along with the effect these manipulative and cold blooded individuals have upon people and organisations which they decide to target for their own gain. His research takes an introductory approach into neuroscience, psychology and pathology to explain the nature and behaviour of psychopaths, also known as sociopaths (and often mistakenly misdiagnosed as narcissists) and how to recover from this often horrific emotional experience when a psychopath passes though a person's life.

“There is a huge misunderstanding concerning just exactly what a psychopath is within the mainstream. Most people think serial killer or axe murderer when they hear the term. The reality is, a psychopath – is a predatory individual who moves into another person's life and pretends to be someone they are not - so as to gain the trust of the target - in order to exploit them in some way. Most times it can be just for the sheer rush of enjoyment the psychopath gains for having fooled another human being and then casually walking away as if they never existed.”

“What makes a psychopath so very different from a typical womaniser, con artist or workplace bully is that they will undertake their exploitation of other people on an almost industrial scale and will remain like this for their entire lives. Using and discarding target after target without a care in the world.


People who have been targeted by a psychopath generally end up with Post Traumatic Stress Injury. This leaves them in no doubt that the individual that passed though their life was something very, very different in terms of the intensity of the experience. This is the unmistakable sign of someone who has been subjected to psychopathic abuse.”

“This is a hidden nightmare within society which is rarely talked about. People who have been targeted are as emotionally and psychologically distraught as rape victims, and yet they find it incredibly hard to get the information and resources they need to explain precisely what they went though.”