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Cult Members Attack...



...because Cult Members know they are full of shit. The truth is self-evident and does not need to be 'defended' with slander, mass hysteria and virtual book burnings. The fanatic is only fanatical because of their convulsive insecurities. 


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They are fanatics who can't deal with criticism/satire, and this is the primary reason why all cults run their smear campaigns, hate sites and book burnings mass hysteria vendettas. Not so deep down inside, the cult member does not actually believe the bullshit they are spewing.


If they did have sincere belief, they would not be bothered by criticism. There would be no siege mentality. As they would know their 'spiritual' beliefs were real. But they do not believe they are real, so they ATTACK psychotically anyone who calls them out. If they were genuinely secure in their belief package they wouldn't give a shit. It is really is that simple. Only insecurity breeds fanatics.

This leads us to why all cults are ultimately death cults. They have no choice in some ways. The endtime prophecy is about them hoping to die before they are called out on their bullshit and have to face the fact they were duped by a psychopathic charlatan who sold them a crock of 'spiritual' shit.


They were duped based on the inner core of parasites in the cult compound needing an extended enabler grunt network to keep the inner santum in their luxury and addictions inside their palatial residence.


The inner sanctum of the cult is always laughing at the outside members who are doing all the real work, but not enjoying the same perks that the core 'family' of the cult enjoys. This is a difficult realisation for the cult member to come to terms with. Especially if they consider themselve highly educated and not easily duped. It must be painful finding out you are just an educated idiot and nothing special afterall. So you ATTACK anyone who even remotely reminds you of what you really are.


Then after you have done your servile grunt work for the cult leader and their inner 'family' of lesuire and luxury, you get the superficial chemical bond of 'togetherness'. You did good! Here is a spiritual dog biscuit and a pat on the head. Even so, you are as disposable to the cult leader inner 'family' as all the other loyal grunts they disposed of before you... If you are not living in the compound, you are little more than a service provider.


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The cult leader creates a need in the cult member were they want to die, and the end of the world to come. Even if the predicted dates pass, the cult member hangs on for the next date. Because the cult member can find no truth worth living for. Just a childlike fantasy of salvation from imaginary magical sky fairies carried over into adulthood. 'This time the event wil happen!" Sure it will...