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Only You Can Save Yourself

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New Age/Cosmic Sky Fairy Cults lead thousands of dissapointed, emotionally and psychologically drained people to suicide - which is why these groups are all ultimately death cults.


It is only the group suicides which make the headlines. Most former members end their lives as lonely, despondent ex-cult devotees with a jar of sleeping pills long after the 'predictions' of ascension and great events which NEVER happened have come and gone. Their tragic, lonely end does not make the papers. The cult leaders who filled them with promises of SciFi-esque salvation and hopes are off looking for replacement idealistic and lost souls to plunder.


Never EVER Join An Organisation Which Claims to Have Special Knowledge Derived from Off-Planet Beings or Other Non-Earthly Sources.


You Will Only Live to Deeply Regret Getting Involved. Everything from Your Relationships, Career Prospects to How Your Friends and Family Relate to You Will Be Damaged Permanently by Association with Cults and Off-Planet Contactee Groups which Make Predictions which Never Come to Pass.


You Deserve Better.